GEN Ruler on Clid: "When I was playing against him, he was quite perfect... Now that we’re playing together, he’s sometimes dumb."


Gen.G Esports took down DAMWON Gaming in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split in a breeze. It was a 2-0 sweep and both games were relatively short compared to other matches. In the match, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok performed well as the captain of the team and contributed to his team’s victory.


As of today’s win, Gen.G is at the top. You should feel good.


First, I’m even happier because we didn’t make many mistakes. The synergy is getting better and yes, I’m happy that we’re in 1st place.

DAMWON wasn’t an easy matchup. Weren’t you worried?


DAMWON didn’t have any changes within the team and they’ve been always good so we were worried a bit, but I’m happy that my teammates did so well. I feel really good.

You played Kai’Sa today. Some people say that she’s a champion that doesn’t go well with the meta. Why did you play Kai’Sa?


I like Kai’Sa and I practiced her a lot. I picked Kai’Sa because I was confident to play her well. I think I’m prepared to pick her whenever. (Is she your most picked champion?) Yes. But I agree that she doesn’t go well with the meta.

Gen.G didn’t re-sign with most of the players. When only you and your support was left, weren’t you worried?


Honestly, I was quite worried. I thought ‘Would we be able to rebuild well?’ until the team was completed. I was really glad when our team was completed well like this.

Some people call you the ‘fellowship of the ring’. Players were added one by one or all together.


Hearing the news at that time one by one, I felt anxious and it was interesting as well. I felt that this must be the fun of the stove league.

Which player were you the happiest about when they joined?


Clid. He did so splendidly last year so I was happy.

It should feel different playing against Clid and with him.


Yes. Sometimes there are moments where he’s not good enough in the games. When I was playing against him, he was quite perfect that I often thought ‘that’s possible?’ or ‘he survived that?’ but now that we’re playing together, he’s sometimes dumb. That was new, and I thought it was cute.



You’ve become a lot more voluble than before.


I know. I can feel it too.

Gen.G is doing well. As some fans call you ‘the fellowship of the ring’, it’s like you’re Frodo’s role. Does it pressure you?


When the team was first completed, I thought they were all really good. So rather than thinking of how people see us from the outside, I felt that I shouldn’t show myself doing bad to the new players. That, I felt pressure, but I didn’t mind how other people saw us.

Do you think you’ve set a good example among those players?


I think I’ve been doing extremely well, whether it’s at practice or official matches.

Then after you, who do you think is doing well?


I think it’s Kellin. He listens to what I say very well. There’s a lot that I’m thankful for.

What kind of player is Kellin?


When he first joined, he knew nothing and there were times when he seemed silly, but he’s a fast learner and has a strong will to learn.

Maybe it’s because you taught him your style well?


I taught him everything. From laning to getting vision one by one. He learned well. In that matter, I thought he was a smart player.

Then can we say Kellin is ‘made by Ruler’?


Yes. I reconstructed him. Made him into a robot.

Currently in the LCK, T1 is also doing quite well. Your next match is against them. How do you think it’ll go?


More than anything, I think it’ll be fun. It seems like we would fight a lot and there are things that I’m looking forward to. Ther laners are all strong and good, so I think we should work harder in preparation.

What do you think of the bot lane that you’ll be playing against?


I’ve always thought they’re really good players. We would need to do better.

As much as the team was formed well, you would have high expectations for this year. What are your thoughts?


Great players joined us so I want to win everything from the LCK to all international competition. (Grand slam?) Yes. Spring, MSI, Summer, Worlds… I want to win it all.

Last comments to the fans who cheer for you?


Today is Valentine’s Day, but it’s a pity that I can’t meet you because of the coronavirus. I hope all’s good and everything gets back to normal. I want to meet the fans as soon as possible. Thank you for cheering for us.

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