GEN Bdd: "I personally thought that I often make mistakes... Becoming a consistent player is my goal."

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In the second 2020 League of Legends Championship Korea Spring Split match on the 5th (KST), Gen.G Esports defeated kt Rolster 2-1. In the match, Kim “Clid” Tae-min and Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong were voted as MVPs and were interviewed after the match.



Fans have very high expectations for Gen.G Esports this season. How was today’s match?


Clid: I’m not satisfied with my performance. I think I should work harder.

What did you discuss after Game 1?


Bdd: We said that we’re capable of doing better, so if we just don’t overextend, we would win.

How is the synergy between you two and the team?


Clid: There are positive things and there’s a high possibility of it getting even better. The other players are all doing well too, so I think there’s a good chance of us improving even more.

You played Lee Sin in all the games. In the first match today, Lee Sin appeared in all three games as well. Why is Lee Sin’s tier so high?


Clid: Lee Sin has good mobility and is capable of balancing the team, so the players who like him play him a lot. Lee Sin’s ability depends a lot on the player so I think that’s why he’s not banned as much.

Losing Game 1 playing Lee Sin must have hurt your pride.


Clid: I was disappointed in myself because it felt that I played without thinking. I thought I should keep my head in the game properly.

Was the Galio pick prepared?


Bdd: If Galio is picked in a certain composition, he isn’t bad, so I played him. 

It seems that you’ve lost a lot of weight. I heard that Gen.G’s personal training is incredible.


Bdd: I didn’t think I would keep exercising so much. The personal trainer makes exercising fun so I’m enjoying the exercise. It feels really good.

Any comments regarding the next match?


Clid: Since there were many parts that the performance was bad, I’ll make sure that we come back with prowess that fans can watch without worrying.

What’s your personal goal for the spring season?


Bdd: I personally thought that I often make mistakes, so I want to improve that and be of more help to the team. Becoming a consistent player is my goal.

Are you aiming for the player of the split award?


Clid: If I say I’m not interested, it would be lying, but since winning as a team is more important, I will be concentrating in that direction.

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