T1 Head coach Kim: "As we scrim, what I feel is that we’re not immediate favorites... We're looking at the long run."


There was a profile photoshoot for the 2020 LCK Spring Split on the 21st (KST) at LoL Park. At the scene, we were able to talk to T1’s head coach, Kim Jeong-soo.


When asked how they were preparing for the spring season, he answered, “Like always, we’re preparing in the same way. There’s nothing special. We win and lose in scrims. We’re around the middle right now, but I think the progress is pretty good.”


Kim also discussed an objective evaluation of his team. “As we scrim, what I feel is that we’re not immediate favorites. Our goal is obviously to win the championship, but we’re looking at the long run. I’d like to bring up the team until summer so that we can win the championship and reach Worlds as well.”


As many fans were worried about the top lane, Kim said carefully, “Honestly, I’m worried too. After I joined the team, all top laners found their teams already. We currently have Roach and Canna. Frankly, both still have to make improvements. I’ll try to find the best solution.”


T1 signed a multi-year contract with Kim. Kim wasn’t just looking at the year 2020; his plans were set for a longer period into 2021 and 2022. “The most ideal T1 is the players growing well to win the World Championship. I think that’s why T1 gave me a multi-year contract.”

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