The Ninja Set, the first of Fortnite's 'Icon Series', leaves the shop tonight

▲ Image Source: Epic Games


The Ninja Set, the first of Fortnite's 'Icon Series' features a full line of cosmetic DLC in homage to  Fortnite superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Epic Games released the Ninja Set on Thursday, January 16 at 6:00pm CST, but today, Sunday, January 19 at 7:00pm CST, the Ninja Set will leave the Fortnite item shop. 


"I've dreamt of having a skin in Fortnite since I started playing the game. Today, my dream becomes reality," Ninja said in a tweet on the day of the Ninja Set's release. 



The Ninja Set is the first in a new line of Fortnite cosmetics called the Icon Series, which will feature DLC inspired by pivotal figures in the Fortnite scene and was inspired by the game's previous collaborations with Marshmello and Major Lazer. The verbiage in Epic Games full announcement of the Icon Series implies that those eligible to inspire a line of DLC could also be someone outside of gaming. 


On Saturday, January 18, fortnite announced the #EmoteRoyaleContest and featured streamers Jordan Fisher and Imane "Pokimane" Anys demonstrating how the contest would work via TikTok. Both streamers' original dances for the #EmoteRoyaleContest have been turned into skins available in the item shop, which could mean that Epic Games will think of more ways to break the barriers of Fortnite and real life in multiple iterations in addition to the Icon Series. 




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