The winningest and most popular champions in Season 10


It's been about a week since Season 10 has hit the Rift. We all know how the map has changed and how the dragon works. The patches have shifted the meta a bit, and there are always champions that are more beneficial than others. Those who aren’t one-tricks would be looking for champions that give them the slightest edge to climb the ladder. Here’s a breakdown of champions in each positions that are picked often and have high win rates around the world.


*All data is from, top win rates are based on champions played in 10,000 games or more. Most picked champions’ runes are most common rune settings whilst winningest champions’ runes are highest win rate.


Top Lane


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The winningest top lane champion was Ornn. The blacksmith had a win rate of 52.2% in 11K games. He had been played in the Demacia Cup, KeSPA Cup, and the LPL spring season already, even in mid lane as well.



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The most popular pick in top lane was Mordekaiser. In the recent meta, Mordekaiser has been considered as one of the most viable picks in top lane. He is sometimes literally unkillable with his skills and Conqueror rune. However, he missed the 50:50 mark slightly with a win rate of 49.6%.




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Although Ekko was kind of a “trap” pick during Worlds, he rose to the top in Season 10. His win rate was at 52.4% in 16K games.


Lee Sin

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Lee Sin has always been a popular pick. He was picked in more than 30K games around the world. However, his win rate was at a low 47.9%. According to his win rate, popularity doesn’t always equal success.


Mid Lane


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Diana is finally seeing light after its rework. Not only that she rose as one of the most popular champions in the mid lane, but her win rate topped all champions. At 53%, she is the winningest champion with 10K or more games played.



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Yasuo always has a high pick rate in mid lane. It’s the same this season as well with the Conqueror rune. But like Lee Sin, popularity did not equal winning. Yasuo had a 48.3% win rate, backing the concept: ‘my team’s Yasuo’.


Bot Lane

Miss Fortune

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The ADC with the highest win rate was Miss Fortune. There were nerfs on Xayah and Kai’Sa, so other champions naturally rose. Miss Fortune in general, the damage is just very high, and her win rate was at 52.6%.



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As one of the most classic ADCs in the game, Caitlyn was the most popular pick in bot lane. Being picked in more than 30K games, her win rate also balanced out at 50.3%.




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Nami had a high 52.6% win rate and was marked tier-1 in along with Blitzcrank, Leona, and Nautilus. She was the third most picked champion in the support position as well.



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The most popular support was Thresh. He was picked in nearly 1/4 of the games around the world, and the win rate was very close to half with 49.9%.

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