Games Done Quick Sets New Donation Record in AGDQ 2020

▲ Source: Games Done Quick Twitter

This week was a celebration event for all gamers; it was the event called Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ for short). For those unaware, AGDQ is a charity event for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. They hold a week-long marathon featuring various gamers speedrunning their favorite games. Not only Games Done Quick has set milestones towards a good cause, but they also kept the train running for ten years strong.


Speedrunning is a playthrough of a game in which the player attempts to finish a game as fast as possible. Games ran during AGDQ ranges from retro games during the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis era to modern games run on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The speedrunning community is enormous and continues to get bigger as Games Done Quick remains to break records with every event. 


Games Done Quick's previous major event was Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ for short) 2019, in which they raised a total of $3,003,889, a record that was held until the end of AGDQ 2020. In AGDQ 2020, they broke the donation record again during the last game of the event. The total donation amount in AGDQ 2020 is $3,131,475.

Games Done Quick's next major event is SGDQ 2020, which is taking place in Bloomington, Minnesota starting June 21, 2020. Games Done Quick is continuing to accept donations right now. If you are interested in donating to fight cancer, click here. All proceeds go towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation.







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