10-year anniversary of LoL! - Wandering around the "Invade Art" exhibition at LoL Park

At LoL Park in Seoul, Korea, there's an exceptional exhibition going on currently.


For League of Legends' 10-year anniversary, Riot Games has been exhibiting paintings, installations, animations, digital art, media art, etc that interprets the game with 10 contemporary artists.


How would the unique artwork made from League of Legends seem to the gallery? I visited LoL Park to see the live scene of contemporary art with my own eyes and camera.


▲ Long time no see, the entrance of LoL Park.
▲ There wasn't anybody to take my picture for me.
▲ So I took a selfie.
▲ A guide book, stickers, and postcards for the visitors.
▲ The real entrance of the exhibition.
▲ 08am's paintings catch the eye first.
▲ This was my favorite among them.
▲ Mr Misang's exquisite digital painting.
▲ You can feel its splendor.
▲ Sambypen's graffiti art.
▲ Grafflex's huge installation art - "Summoners light"
▲ Choi Mikyeong's art - inspired by a virtual interview with K/DA
▲ Buwon & Ha Jonghoon's "Invitation of Runeterra"
▲ Little Legends with art - by Park Hyun a
▲ by Yoon Shin gi
▲ bt Park Minchan
▲ by Son Wonhyung
▲ by Kim Jihoon
▲ Kim Jeongyoon's cheerful and lively drawing.
▲ Short animation by Seo Inji - This actually was my favorite of this whole exhibition.
▲ It was a well-harmonized modern animation with a good song.
▲ Grafitti wall by Artime Joe 
▲ You can make your own chroma skins here.
▲ This should be a legendary skin!
▲ Jesus
▲ This called 'Zoetrope'. It's hard to explain how this works...
▲ You can also buy some merchandise.
▲ A couple working on a jigsaw puzzle. Seems they used their day off to see the exhibition today.
▲ Well, it was better than I thought it would be.
▲ The reward was rewarding as well.

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