Super Junior's Heechul cancelled Christmas party to meet Faker on MBC's "Radio Star"

Heechul and Faker on Radio Star


Named one of the biggest stars in South Korea, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok appeared on "Radio Star",  a popular show made by MBC Entertainment, as one of the top three figures to represent his country along with BTS and Song Heun Min. Kim Hee-chul surprised Super Junior fans by showing cancelling his presence at a Christmas party just to meet the player on set. 


In the show, Heechul was asked why he had cancelled the party to join the program, and he explained that “I had to come when I heard Faker was scheduled to appear the show. I’m so nervous [...] I really like him as a gamer." The Kpop star followed by explaining that “[Faker] is a living legend to people who play e-games. It feels like that a young man dreaming of a comedian encounters Kim Kook-jin". When asked about his gaming habits, Heechul said he had spent nearly 40 million won (around $34,640) on mobile games instead of buying designer clothing or luxury cars: “The reason is that if I do that, the game company does well and they can make more games,” he explained. “Then I get to enjoy a lot of different games.”


Faker on Radio Star


During the show, Faker was asked several personal life questions, in which he explained that he spends less than 200,000 won (about U$170) a month, with small things like toothpaste or toothbrushes, adding that he is a calm person that likes to stay at home in his spare time.


When asked about possibly being in a relationship, he shot through the heart of hopeful fans: "Being a pro gamer made me realize that the amount of time I have for myself is very limited. Being in a relationship will cause lots of uncomfortable things to both sides. Currently, I just focus on working. Since I was little, I didn't care much about girls."


You can find the VOD below, with Korean audio:



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