RNG wins Demacia Cup without Uzi, EDG come in second

The Demacia Cup has come to an end, with RNG taking away the trophy after beating EDG 3-1 in the Finals and JD Gaming grabbing third after beating Vici Gaming 3-0 in the third place match. The tournament consisted of the 16 LPL teams and featured 4 independent LDL teams, showcasing new rosters and synergies and the preseason patch. 

RNG played the entire tournament without Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao , playing Lu "Betty" Yu-Hung instead, who they signed this off-season after the dissolving of both Flash Wolves and the LMS. RNG also said goodbye to legendary jungler (and former Flash Wolves player) Hung "Karsa" Hao-Hsuan this off-season, so they now proved their strength with two new additions to their roster. 


Betty had an incredible tournament as well, finishing with the second highest overall KDA, only beaten by Ding "Puff" Wang, who played a measly four total games compared to Betty's 14. New RNG jungler, Li "XLB" Xiao-Long had the third highest KDA among all playoff teams, and eighth among the entire tournament. It's fair to say RNG made some strong pickups and found a way to help them shine.



The team has not yet announced publically how much Betty will be playing over Uzi, but these results should help them feel secure in swapping the Betty in and out throughout the season if nothing else. And the best case scenario for RNG would mean successfully utilizing Betty to expand their playstyle too.


EDG coming in second is great news as well, especially after missing their first Worlds ever this year. Though these tournaments are obviously too quick to tell anything real, this is a strong bounceback for the org, and should at least provide some valuable information, practice time, and morale boost.


Because they made it so far, the players got extra stage practice on the new patch, and they of course got to work on better synergy in stage games as well. Ming "Clearlove" Kai also got more practice as a coach, particularly in best-of-series, which is how the LPL does their entire season's normal games. Though the team seems disappointed in their loss on Twitter, and hungry to improve even more next season.

▲ Photo of Clearlove posted by EDG Twitter


JDG claiming third is nice, but they also only made one roster change this off-season. Similarly to EDG, it's a nice bounceback from their poor Summer performance, but it's not as large of a feat with fewer personnel changes.


Vici Gaming, however, may have the most delightful story of all this Demacia Cup, despite only getting fourth in the end. Vici went 2-17 both Spring and Summer of 2018, then 2-13 both Spring and Summer of 2019. In this tournament alone, they nearly equaled the same amount of wins as their entire two last years of regular season play. They haven't even added in their new star coach, Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun, yet. 

▲ Photo of Deng "Forge" Jie posted by Vici Gaming Twitter


With the Demacia Cup finished, the only off-season games left are the playoffs of the KeSPA Cup, starting tonight and going throughout the rest of the week. Be sure to check out more news from KeSPA Cup, the off-season, and more as we gear up towards 2020 by following our Twitter below.

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