[KeSPA Cup] GEN Bdd: "When I played against Faker before, I was quite nervous and it was really flattering. But now... I'm used to it."


On the 2nd day of the 2019 KeSPA Cup ULSAN, Gen.G Esports defeated Team Dynamics 2-0. Gen.G’s new mid laner, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong delivered top-notch performances from the first game. Bdd played Mordekaiser and Taliyah, leading the team to victory. Bdd will be playing against Faker in the next KeSPA Cup match.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Game 1 was a bit shaky. We’ll need to make improvements before the next match. It got difficult when we messed up a dive in bot lane. Our timing was bad; if we improve that, our performance will become a lot better.

When the opponent brought Vayne into the top lane, you took Mordekaiser. Was it prepared for mid lane?


I didn’t have a chance to practice Mordekaiser in a team game, but I was able to play comfortably since I’ve played him several times in solo queue.

Mordekaiser was picked in Game 2 as well, on the opponent team. How is he in the current meta?


He’s a tricky champion to play against if there are many melee champions. It depends on the situation since he can take away a champion using his ult.

You’re doing quite well with your jungler, Clid. How’s the synergy?


Our synergy wasn’t that good from the beginning, but as we play, it feels that our synergy is getting better. He’s a very trustworthy player.

Gen.G is one of the heavy favorites. How’s the team atmosphere?


Since we’re all about the same age, the atmosphere is quite positive. When we give feedback, it’s like just any other everyday conversation, so it’s a good environment to improve.

You’ll be meeting T1 in your next match. How do you think it’ll go?


Personally, I think all of our lanes are stronger. If we’re able to take initiative in the lanes, we’ll be able to end as we think. When I played against Faker before, I was quite nervous and it was really flattering. But now that my own career is quite long now and since I’ve played against him multiple times, I’m used to it. I’ll be playing as I always did.


Any last comments?


I’ll do my best to deliver consistent performances. Please keep cheering for us. Thank you.

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