[KeSPA Cup] DRX Deft: "Keria’s a player with surprisingly good mechanics, it’s almost a waste of his mechanics for him to play support."


DragonX started their assault on KeSPA Cup.


On the 26th (KST), DragonX claimed the victory against KeG Chungnam in the 2019 KeSPA Cup ULSAN. The rookies of the team delivered outstanding performances while the main players of the team, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu held the balance. Deft led the team in the bot-centric Game 1. He pressured the opponent from the start and made a one-sided laning phase in bot lane, proving that he’s still the ace of the team.



It was the first match after rebuilding the team. How do you feel getting the first win?


We had a couple of players that had their debut today. It seems that they both showed what they’re capable of without getting too nervous. They said that they were quite nervous before the game, but I tried to calm them down, telling them to use their skills calmly and to play slow. Fortunately, they didn’t seem that they were nervous through the game.

Keria said that you played with him from before. From when did you think you two gained good synergy?


I don’t think the experience playing with him in solo queue meant too much. It felt that we’ve improved drastically during the recent scrims. As for today’s game, there was a prowess gap between us and the opponent team. Keria is a good player, but it’s important to do well when playing against a strong team.


To evaluate how he is; Keria’s a player with surprisingly good mechanics, it’s almost a waste of his mechanics for him to play support. He has a very wide champion pool as well. His biggest strength is that he has no weakness. However, since he doesn’t have that much experience, he needs to improve his influence over the game.

What do you think about Chovy and Doran?


They’re both really good. Personally, I was really surprised by Chovy because he was so much better than I expected. He’s a very reliable player.

You posted that it was hard to sleep in the DragonX team house. Has it gotten better?


It was 4 AM. For 2-3 hours, one person danced and another sang beside me. Some parts were too much to include in the video (Laughs). Actually, we had a schedule the next morning, so we said that we’ll stay up all night and go to that schedule. I just agreed, but they insisted that I have to take responsibility for what I said… It was a hard day. After that, I told them that if they were that bad, I’ll be sleeping somewhere else, so it’s better now.

Lastly, how is your mindset going into the KeSPA Cup?


Our team performance has been improving. I think this is the best practice match going into the LCK season. I’ll try to minimize the gap between our scrims and matches. I want to show good performances by doing the best I can.

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