[KeSPA Cup] DRX Chovy: "cvMax is a lot more relaxed now. He told me that he’s a lot happier than before."


On the 26th (KST), DragonX had their first official game with the new members in the 2019 KeSPA Cup. As one of the favorites going into the tournament, DragonX shutout KeG Chungnam 2-0. KeG Chungnam never had a chance. In the match, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon performed splendidly on LeBlanc and Fiora and secured the MVP for Game 2.


How does it feel winning the first match in KeSPA Cup with a whole new team?


It was a chance to measure our team’s prowess. Except for a few regretful moments on the top side, I’m satisfied.

How have you been doing recently in the new team house?


I mainly played games. The atmosphere is quite free. I don’t know much since the only other team I’ve been in was Griffin, but it’s a lot freer here. No one minds much whatever we do.

You changed teams for the first time. How is life in DragonX different from life in Griffin?


The practice facilities and team house are in the same building and the distance between the two places is shorter. It’s more convenient to walk there. As for living in the team house… There isn’t a single day that isn’t noisy.

Didn't you chime in by "helping" Deft sleep by singing him a "lullaby"?


That was punishing him for not keeping a promise he had with me. He promised to stay awake all night but tried to go to bed earlier, so I punished him. It was rather a light punishment; I could have been worse, but I was considerate.


How are the rookies, Keria and Pyosik?


They said that they were excited before the match, but as soon as the game started, they were kind of frozen, trembling - especially Keria. That was pretty funny. They aren’t usually like that. (Did that make you think of when you were a rookie?) When I was a rookie, there wasn’t even time to be frozen like that.

You’ve been reunited with cvMax. Is there a difference between cvMax of Griffin and cvMax of DragonX?


cvMax is a lot more relaxed now. He told me that he’s a lot happier than before.



Fans have high expectations for DragonX. As its mid laner, there should be pressure. What are your goals and how is your mindset going further into the KeSPA Cup tournament?


I’m aware there are high expectations for me. I think I did pretty well today, but I need to show good performances consistently for my teammates to have full trust in me. It’s also a good source of motivation for myself. I’ll be grinding even more so that I can do well. If I put in more hard work than others, it would set a good example and others would follow.

Lastly, how about a word to your teammates that you have a journey together with?


We’ve been gathered into a team, so I hope we can get along without much trouble. If something bothers you, just talk about it right away. On the other hand, if you have something positive to say, say it right away as well. Let’s not hide anything between us.

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