G2 Esports' VALORANT squad remains undefeated, edges out TSM as the most-winning team in the game

Image by G2 Esports


There is no stopping G2 Esports' VALORANT team as it won its sixth straight Ignition Series title this Sunday. G2 cruised through the four-team BLAST Twitch Invitational almost without effort, beating rivals FunPlus Phoenix 3-2 in the grand finals, achieving a new record-high win-rate in VALORANT esports.


Most expected G2 to come on top in BLAST's Invitational, given the level of domination the "samurai" have been exerting onto the server. Before the tournament, G2 was 27-2-1 in their 30 games total, a ridiculous 90% win-rate that not even North America's best teams — TSM (81.5%) and Sentinels (78%) — could match. G2 had beaten every single one of their so-called rivals, and the only team that has taken a series off of them was FPX, a loss for G2 that happened on the very day that David "Davidp" Prins' father passed away.



Outside of that loss, G2 has been immaculate and FPX was once again the only team that was able to wound them, though not take them down, at the BLAST Twitch Invitational. G2 slashed through Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 in the opening round, bringing the total map score against the "ninjas" to 6-1. Another 2-0 in the upper bracket against FPX followed, securing an automatic 1-0 lead for G2 in the grand finals — their prize for winning the upper bracket.


FPX eventually made it back to the final by eliminating Team Liquid in the lower bracket and almost toppled G2 as well, taking Ascent and Haven off of them in rather one-sided fashion (13-7 and 13-6, respectively), but G2's map advantage came to help them in the decider on Split, which G2 took 13-11.



This is the sixth straight Ignition Series title for G2, pushing their winnings to $94,000 — enough to usurp the #1 spot in the VALORANT team earnings leaderboards from Team SoloMid. It's also a landmark achievement for Davidp and Óscar "mixwell" Cañellas Colocho, who've won every single Ignition Series in Europe


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