Introducing Axie Champions


When Match 3 puzzles meet PvP


Match 3 puzzles, in which you match three blocks of the same color horizontally or vertically, have long been beloved worldwide.


Recently, Match 3 games that go beyond simple puzzles and incorporate various genres, such as RPGs and simulations, have been steadily released.


Axie Champions is a game that combines Match 3 puzzles with PvP.


The core developers were original members of the team behind Korea's representative Match 3 game, Anipang, so they have a thorough understanding of Match 3 mechanics.


At the same time, it's a game where you can experience the strategy and competitive elements that were difficult to feel in traditional Match 3 puzzles.

Casual puzzle? Strategy is crucial!


Axie Champions is a PvP game where you assemble a team of five champions to compete against other players' teams.


Therefore, you need to think in new ways each time based on your and your opponent's team compositions.


As you play, you must consider various factors, such as champion performance and placement, elemental affinities, skill status, and the opponent's attacks.


In PvP, since the opponent's team is controlled by AI, you have ample time to think without any time constraints.


If you play without any strategy, you might lose to teams with lower combat power than yours, but with good strategy, you can defeat opponents with higher combat power.



NFT compatible, but OK to play the game without NFTs!


Axie Champions utilizes the IP of the popular Web3 game Axie Infinity, allowing the use of Axie Infinity's NFTs.


Having Axie NFTs significantly expands the range of champion formations and team compositions and can greatly enhance compat power.


Since the game provides five basic Axies, there is no problem enjoying the game even without NFTs.



Earn CUBEs in the top league and exchange them into AXS tokens!


By playing the game and raising your tier, you can challenge the Champions League, the top league.


In the Champions League, you can earn CUBEs as season ranking rewards.


CUBEs can be used in various ways within Axie Champions, such as acquiring champions or purchasing items.


Furthermore, you can exchange CUBEs for AXS tokens and sell AXS tokens on exchanges to raise profits.



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