Riot expects that by playing 7 to 10 games per day, players will have all Legends of Runeterra cards before the next set arrives

When Riot Games announced Legends of Runeterra, the upcoming collectible card game set in the same universe as League of Legends, it also announced an experimental card-acquisition system for the game. Out went the loot box mechanics nearly all other card games, and in came a progression system with wildcards, gems, capsules and chests. Today, the developers of Legends of Runeterra broke down what to expect when you're putting this system to the test.

The developers explain the types of rewards once more, and that you can upgrade all reward types simply by playing a lot. Capsule's can be turned in to Epic, Champion and finally Wild Capsules, while Chests go from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally Diamond.

Something worth noting is that, if you already own three copies of a card, Legends of Runeterra will automatically give you a different reward when you open a fourth copy. Common and Rare cards are turned into gems, and Epic or Champion cards are re-rolled into a different card of the same rarity.

Since you get to decide which of the six regions you're levelling up and unlocking cards for, Riot provided a breakdown of what a full region worth of rewards actuall nets you:

  • 1 Rare Wildcard
  • 1 Epic Wildcard
  • 1 Champion Wildcard
  • 2 Random Epics
  • 1 Bronze Chest
  • 1 Silver Chest
  • 2 Golden Chests
  • 2 Platinum Chests
  • 1 Diamond Chest
  • 2 Capsules
  • 2 Wild Capsules
  • 2 Epic Capsules
  • 2 Champion Capsules

By playing games and completing quests, you level up your Vault, which opens on the dedicated 'Vault Day' each week. The more you play, the better your rewards are. Riot thinks that by just completing daily quests, most players should be able to reach Vault level 10 comfortably. They've added more Vault levels for the truly dedicated players to strife for, although those levels are far harder to achieve.

One of the most important goals, the developers said, is making sure that players get a good chunk of a card set before the next set arrives. The blog reads: "Exactly how much you need to play will depend on the size of the set. The first one is pretty big, but even this set hopefully won’t feel out of reach for a highly engaged player (about 7 to 10 games per day on average). If you don’t play quite that much, you’ll still have a ton of cards unlocked; for the first set, if you get your level 10 Vault each week, you’ll have at least 75% of the set before the next release."

The blog ends with the developers saying that, although they're happy with how far the card acquisition system they've developed has come so far, they're keeping an eye on it. With other beta periods coming up soon, chances are some numbers will have to be tweaked to get it just right before the game launches in 2020.

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