Sights from APEX Season 2 Opening Match

It has been over a month since EnVyUs took home the first APEX trophy last December. On January 17th (local time), APEX Season 2 commenced at the Sangam OGN eStadium, bringing together a total of 16 teams: twelve Korean teams and four international invitees, including last season’s winner, EnVyUs.

From the very first match between EnVyUs and MVP Infinity and following through to the next one between Misfits and LW Blue, the stadium was full of cheers from the fans. As an added bonus, various events for attendees were held. Inven was down at the event to capture the heated battles.


▲ It's nice to be back at Sangam!
▲ Nice to see these guys, too.
▲ A nifty desk calendar for those who pre-ordered tickets.
▲ Matching Overwatch maps for each season.
▲ "Nerf this! Oh, wait..."
▲ Pizza party in the waiting room.
▲ The last season's champions, EnVyUs
▲ "Hey, look at the time."
▲ One by one, players gather at the stage.
▲ The opening match between MVP Infinity and...
▲ ... EnVyUs begins here.
▲ Taimou looking confident and relaxed.
▲ V for victory!
▲ MVP players looking intense.
▲ Alright, gameface on.
▲ Caster Yong Joon Jeon joins this season.
▲ "So, Bastion is kind of like a Siege Tank in Starcraft?"
▲ "Wow, these guys are here to play"
▲ "Hmm..."
▲ EnVyUs, flustered by MVP's aggressive engagements.
▲ "These guys are so stronk."
▲ "Come at me, bro. I'll show you what's up."
▲ The opening match is going down to a wire.
▲ "You didn't think it would be easy, did you?"
▲ Maybe the fans' cheer came through?
▲ EnVyUs takes the victory!
▲ Mickie being Mickie.
▲ Players enter for the next match.
▲ That's a win face, if I ever saw one.
▲ After a pre-game huddle...
▲ The match between LW Blue and...
▲ ... Misfits is underway.
▲ LW Blue seems to be taking the game.
▲ Tightened lips show dedication and focus.
▲ Can Misfits pull it off?
▲ An incredible display of commitment.
▲ LW Blue's duckface is there to save the day.
▲ After fierce battles, LW Blue takes the cake.
▲ "Whew..."
▲ "That was a hard one."
▲ With two amazing players of today...
▲ ... I bid you farewell. See you in the next one!

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