KongDoo Panthera’s new player gets removed because of his past


Karma struck hard at Jaemo “Xepher” Koo when KongDoo decided to cancel on joining the team just hours after the team announced his arrival.

Many Overwatch fans still remember what happened to the female teenage pro gamer last summer. After UW Artisan (now EHOME) crushed Dizziness at the Nexus Cup quarterfinals, Dizziness accused Seyeon "Geguri" Kim of aimbotting and reportedly threatened UW Artisan that they would publicize the issue. Dizziness’ player-coach Strobe reportedly threatened that he might show up at Geguri’s door with a knife because Dizziness may have lost sponsorship because of her aimbotting. Verbal harassment from other teammates followed. Days after the issue broke out and Korean Overwatch community members ferociously debated whether Geguri was aimbotting or not, she livestreamed her POV at Inven and proved herself clean, silencing those who said that she was too good to be true. Strobe and other players posted apologies on Inven community and left the scene to keep their promise.

Or so it seemed.


It was revealed by Korean Overwatch fans at Inven that Xepher was a former pro with the name Friez3, and also among the players of Dizziness who accused Geguri of aimbotting. To what extent Friez3 verbally harassed Geguri and her teammates remains unclear, but it seems clear that he was cyberbullying with others that were trying to push Geguri out of the scene. Two players from Dizziness disagreed with what the team was doing and was confirmed free of charge by UW Artisan, but Xepher was not among them.

KongDoo Panthera, just hours after revealing their new roster with Xepher, put an apology post saying the team decided to cancel Xepher’s addition to the team and that they are looking for a new player to fill the spot. KongDoo’s coach Pyeong Kwon also added that he thinks “pro players and teams should be responsible for not only their performance, but also how they speak and act.” He promised his fans that the team will check on players’ background more thoroughly.

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