Overwatch reveals 30th hero -- a grizzled combat medic named Baptiste



The Overwatch community has been waiting for a new hero for exactly 104 days -- the last new hero to join the roster was Ashe, revealed at BlizzCon 2018. However, it has been a whopping 341 days, almost a year since the last support hero, Brigitte was released back in March of 2018.

Now, with the reveal of a grizzled combat medic with a tragic back story, players are anticipating a new support hero that, will hopefully, shake up the infamous GOATS meta that defines the most competitive corners of the game.

GOATS, or 3-3 as it is has been called recently, relies heavily on the synergy between the support heroes Lucio and Brigitte. Coupled with tanks like Zarya and Reinhardt, GOATS allows teams to steamroll past DPS centered lineups.

But, according to some of the teased information and lore about Baptise, the hero has incredible accuracy and while supporting his team, can be just as deadly as an offensive hero. Although details surrounding his abilities are still unknown, it is presumed that Baptise will be a "heavy weapons" style support that is capable of dealing with tons of damage.

Enough to change the meta?

The Overwatch Development team is, no doubt, extremely aware of the publics GOATS exhaustion and Baptise, similar to the way Brigitte changed the dive meta, will likely offer some sort of counterplay. Baptiste has no release date yet, but it is very likely he won't see Overwatch League play until either the beginning or end of Stage 2.


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