The Fan Experience at the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

Blizzard has always done a great job of making fans feel special and, during day 1 of the Overwatch League Grand finals, they have once again lived up to their reputation.

Amidst a sea of OWL jerseys, cosplays, and merchandise, fans descended upon the Barclays center in staggering numbers. We already knew that tickets were sold out for the event, but seeing it in person really put the 20,000 + number in perspective. Naturally, NYXL, Spitfire, and Fusion fans were the most represented type of fan at the Barclays Center, but Uprising, Valiant, and Gladiators were fans still managed to make a splash.

Fan engagement was through the roof throughout the event. The venue was filled with photo opportunities, pop-up stores, cosplayers and general OWL league fan service. The fans were so in tune with the OWL, any sighting of a player (from any team) resulted in audible cheering and human traffic jams.

You can't quite capture the buzz with just photos, but I did my best:

▲ This was just one entrance of many -- the moment the doors opened people poured in.
▲ Strategically located where merchandise booths with exclusive OWL gear.
▲ Fans with special Grandmaster tickets were given these exclusive bags.
▲ The X vs. Everybody merchandise were popular sellers.
▲ Fans were given a chance to mark their name on a giant signing area.
▲ Battle tags, stream links, Twitter handles -- you name it.
▲Protected by an actual bodyguard, the OWL trophy was set on a rotating stand for fans to take photos with.
▲ And if you loved the rotating trophy, you could rotate your self in a 360 photo booth!
▲ After photos, the next step was OWL themed face paint.
▲This Uprising fan confirming a job well done.
▲It wouldn't be an esports even with fan signs!
▲ Surprisingly neutral sign from a Fusion fan.
▲ And if you aren't artistically inclined, OWL Support Staff will draw the signs for you.
▲ These NYXL cosplayers were a big hit with native OWL fans.
▲ Mega fans cosplaying together.
▲ After all of the fan service, the next step was entering the arena. 
▲ The crowd was absolutely packed and very engaged -- reacting loudly to nearly every mention of teams or players.
▲ More than 11,000 people are present at the arena and it's only day 1!

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    level 1 SLAYER101

    Oh god what a wonderful cosplay by doremi and tasha lovely

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