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More information on Drieghan revealed: New Awakening weapon same as Dandelion and Reformed Nouver/Kutum



New updates including the new region Drieghan, new Awakening weapon, and new gathering mini game have been revealed in the GM’s Notes on March 7th.

The new Awakening weapon is a craftable weapon called the “Dragon Slayer”. The Dragon Slayer’s minimum AP is lower by 2 than that of Dandelion weapon, and the maximum AP is the same. The Dragon Slayer also has +5 additional damage to humans.


The materials for the Dragon Slayer can be collected at different grind spots including the grind spots in Drieghan. The Dragon Slayer can be crafted in Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan. In order to restore the max durability, you can either use Memory Fragments or use a new item called “Refined Remains of Black Energy”.


▲ TET: Dragon Slayer Greatsword 
▲ Hugol’s weapon, which is also craftable in Duvencrune, is one of the materials for the Dragon Slayer.

The new boss monster, Gamos the Red Dragon, will not drop new weapons but will drop a material that can reform boss off-hand weapons. You can get a new item called Heart of Gamos by killing Gamos, and you can Process the item with “Reversed Energy”, which is also a new item, to get “Reversed Heart of Gamos”. A Reversed Heart of Gamos can be used to reform Nouver/Kutum off-hands to Blazing Nouver/Kutum off-hands.

Blazing Nouver/Kutum off-hands will have some additional stats (Max HP +150, Max Stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion +10%) but will not have any more AP. Other new items you can get from Gamis are Gamos’ Scale, which is a material for a new crystal, and a special item for hatching a dragon’s egg. A baby dragon can be your new companion in your adventure.


▲ According to the GM’s Notes, Gamos will be the most powerful world boss and you should be well prepared for it.
▲ Reversed Heart of Gamos can reform Nouver/Kutum off-hands. (100% Reform success rate)
▲ Blazing Nouver Shield

Information on the three new grind spots in Drieghan was also revealed. Tshira Ruins will have the same difficulty as Crescent Shrine and will have Gatekeepers as well. A new yellow Ring will be dropped in the area.

Red Wolf Village will be as hard as Basilisk Den, and the monsters will drop Ring of Gaktum's Obedience, a new blue ring that has 11 AP, 8 Accuracy, and +4 damage to monsters in TRI. If you destroy the small jails in the area, a powerful monster will be summoned.


Sherekhan’s Grave is a grind spot that has different monsters in day and night. When the sun is up, the monsters will be as strong as the monsters in Pila Ku. At night, the monsters will be as strong as Laytenn. The monsters are very powerful and have dynamic patterns, and grinding in the area will feel more like PvP. The monsters will drop a new yellow belt.

All monsters in Drieghan will drop materials for the Dragon Slayer, and the GM’s Notes noted that a new item that will help your enhancement will be added in the near future.


▲ TRI: Ring of Gaktum's Obedience
▲ Sharekhan's Grave during the day 
▲ Materials for the Dragon Slayer and other items will be available in Drieghan


Another update coming along with the new region is improvements on the Processing system and a gathering mini game. Currently, you can only Process one item at a time. But with the new Processing tool, Magical Manos Processing Stone, you can Process multiple items at once. The Magical Manos Processing Stones are obtainable by Manufacturing, and different materials including Manos Stones are required. Magical Manos Processing Stones have different types based on the types of Processing, and will decrease large quantity Processing time when enhanced.


▲ The Magical Manos Processing Stone for Shaking

A mini game for Gathering will be added. A Lakiahro is an extremely rare herb that used to grow only in the high mountains of Drieghan. It was thought to be extinct, but “the miracles of Drieghan” have brought Lakiahros back to the world and now they are available in all parts of the world. However, they are still extremely rare and you will have to travel far and wide to discover the herb. A new Gathering mini game for obtaining the new herb, Lakiahro, will be added.

In order to gather Lakiahro, you need to equip a special type of hoe and then interact with a wild Lakiahro to start the mini game. You either have to find all parts of the Lakiahro roots or clean all the rocks and soil around the roots. You have to be extra careful when gathering Lakiahro, because if you touch the root by accident the root will be damaged. Click on the left or right mouse buttons to gather the herb. The less the damage, the greater the reward you get for the herb.


▲ The mini game for gathering Lakiahro will look like this.

Lastly, the total amount of exp needed to gain additional CP will decrease and a new system called “the Union” and a new season for Conquest War will be added along with the Drieghan update.


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    level 1 Wyn10


    Any screenshots or gameplay footage of the baby dragon? Really want to see it :D
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      level 1 Yullie


      Hi! Unfortunately, the baby dragon (and the big red dragon as well) is not updated in KR yet so we do not have any screenshot/footage of the baby dragon yet :(

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    level 1 Ravengaard


    Any information about the stats on the yellow ring?

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    level 1 Jeaxgg


    Any chance we can get some translation on what that processing stone does?

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      level 1 Yullie


      Actually, we are working on a post about the new Processing Stone right now. It will be out in a few days :)

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    level 1 Vorkrunne


    Is the baby dragon another pet or a combat companion? Either way, I would love to see it. Any information is welcome!
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      level 1 Yullie


      The Dragon Egg and the baby dragon (and the Red Dragon as well) are not available in KR yet, so we do not have any information about it :( We'll let you know if the Red Dragon&the related content are updated in KR(probably in a week or two). Thanks!

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    level 1 Banchou

    Hi. Any extra info about "the Union" system?. Thanks in advance.

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