Photos of the Blizzard Store from the Remastered edition to the D.Va statue

At the site of GG Together, the Starcraft Remastered launch event, ahead of the actual release on August 15 (KST), the Blizzard Store was opened for the fans to purchase their beloved Blizzard-related goods. The site became so popular that many people crowded into the store even under the scorching heat of the morning.

The Store had countless quality goods that any Blizzard fans would love to spend their money on. In particular, they were able to see the actual D.Va statue that was thus far only introduced online. We had the opportunity to take a couple of photos of the various items that the Blizzard Store had to offer.

▲ Gwanganli, the town where GG Together was held
▲ Although the match was to begin at 7:00 PM, a number of events were already held at the site
▲ ...Dropship?
▲ This is the Blizzard Store, where fans were gathering to have a look at items
▲ Many people have already visited the store
▲ And, this is the Remastered Limited Edition
▲ We were able to have an autograph signed by the devs themselves
▲ Wooow
▲ On the other side, there were a couple of LP records with the Starcraft soundtracks
▲ Not only Starcraft-related goods,
▲ there were also lots of goods related to other Blizzard IPs in the store
▲ Fairy Dragon
▲ The D.Va statue that went viral among fans
▲ Just look at the details on this thing
▲ Shall we have a closer look?
▲ It’s a shame that Hana’s appearance became somewhat western
▲ But that aside, the quality is still phenomenal
▲ This Tracer action figure was sold out within an hour after the store opened
▲ "The world could always use more coins."
▲ Let’s appraise the value of something you pick up on the street with this
▲ Tychus statue that cost ₩800k
▲ It looks like a replaceable part, but it does look kind of scary on its own
▲ The endless queue of those seeking Limited Editions
▲ T-shirts with various prints were also on the shelf
▲ Reaper statue
▲ The description says “Die! Die! Die!”
▲ So many cute mini-figures displayed on the other side
▲ This guy also cost ₩800k
▲ Come and visit the Blizzard Store in Gwanganli to see the various goods ready to be picked up!

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