GEN Chovy on being tied with Faker in POG points: "I'm happy that it has become an entertaining aspect for the fans."


On Feb. 24, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G defeated FearX with a 2-0 victory. Gen.G faced some challenges, but they maintained their focus until the end and successfully swept the series. Kim "Kiin" Gi-in and Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon, who were chosen as the Players of the Games after the match, participated in an interview with Yoon Soo-bin.



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel about the win?


Kiin: It wasn't easy, so I'm glad we won.


Chovy: The game wasn't easy, but I'm happy we won in the end because we made good decisions.


700 POG points, tied with Faker for the top spot again. Whenever Faker goes ahead, you tie it up. What do you think?


Chovy: I don't think about it during the game, but I'm happy that it has become an entertaining aspect for the fans.


Gen.G picked Smolder and Aurelion Sol together in game 1. How did you prepare it?


Chovy: I thought Aurelion Sol was good in this patch, but having Smolder and Aurelion Sol together made the early game difficult. We used it for the first time in an official game and gained valuable data that the early game is challenging.


Kiin, you got two solo kills playing K’Sante into Poppy, which isn't an easy matchup. How did you approach it?


Kiin: Poppy had low mana and she already used her W skill, so I tried to keep fighting to pick up the kill, and it worked out well. As for the second kill, I initially intended to trade because Poppy had her ultimate, but I ended up securing the solo kill.


You built Spirit Visage instead of Kaenic Rookern on K’Sante. What was your intention?


Kiin: When you build Kaenic Rookern, you get a shield before you fight, so it’s easier to maintain your HP. On the other hand, Spirit Visage increases the shield and HP recovery effects. In this game, I thoguth the latter would be more advantageous so I went that way.


Peyz got a pentakill. It seemed like everyone was waiting for him to pick up the pentakill after the quadra kill.


Kiin: Actually, Peyz has had many pentakills already, so I think it would've been fine to go easy on it. [Laughs] I wanted to finish quickly, but everyone seemed to want to feed him.


Chovy: Kiin seems to be more business-minded. [Laughs] I wanted to give Peyz the pentakill, so I intentionally slowed down and gave him the kills.


A congratulatory message for Peyz?


Kiin: Congratulations on the pentakill. I hope you get another one next time.


Chovy, another victory with Azir. Three consecutive POG awards with Azir. Shouldn't the opposing teams ban your Azir by now?


Chovy: Even if they ban it, there are many other champions to play, and I've practiced Azir a lot, so it doesn't matter whether they ban it or not.


It must have been difficult to maintain your focus until the end of game 2.


Kiin: We made some mistakes here and there, so it was a tough situation. Still, we managed to handle it well in favorable situations and finished with a victory.


How did you view the final teamfight, Chovy? You executed an amazing toss.


Chovy: I checked the flashes, and when I went in, I was conscious of Taliyah's E and Varus's ultimate, so I went in as soon as I saw that they were used.


The last teamfight was undoubtedly the most decisive moment, but Kiin didn't mention it. Chovy, aren't you disappointed?


Chovy: Kiin is just naturally business-minded, so I don’t mind. [Laughs]


Kiin: Azir played well, and I think he maintained good focus.


You’ll be facing Kwangdong Freedcs and KT Rolster next week. What are your thoughts?


Kiin: Both teams are good, so we’ll prepare well and make sure we win.


Chovy: All LCK teams are strong, so we should practice a lot to improve and win all of our remaining matches.

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