Overwatch developers reveal second Overwatch 2 PvP beta is coming soon

Source: Blizzard Entertainment


The Overwatch 2 PvP beta is currently underway, giving the Overwatch community their first taste of the sequel's hero reworks, 5v5 metas, and new game modes. While there has been a lot of concern over the lack of changes to support heroes and a general feeling of "meh" over the gameplay, there is no denying that Overwatch players are still not able to deny how much they are enjoying the new content. 


Overwatch was all-but abandoned for years as developers worked on the mysterious, ever-delayed Overwatch 2. As information has slowly trickled out in the last few months, there has still been a lot of concern: When is Overwatch 2 actually coming out? What about the single-player mode? What about the support heroes? 


On Tuesday, Overwatch officially announced that an Overwatch 2 event is coming on June 16, one month away. Developers will finally share some plans for the coming months, including an entirely new PvP beta. 



Not everyone was able to take part in the first Overwatch 2 PvP beta. Thousands of keys were dropped on Twitch and YouTube during streams and Overwatch League matches. But not everyone was lucky enough to take part in the highly anticipated beta. This also includes console players, who could not access the Overwatch 2 beta at all. 




Overwatch developers have stated on their official blog that future Overwatch 2 PvP betas would include console players. But not much else is known about what will be included in the next beta.


Fans are hoping for more support hero updates since the new aggressive one-tank meta has left many support heroes vulnerable due to a lack of mobility. The map changes were also underwhelming, mostly just changing locations to a different time of day. 


Overwatch League pros will most likely get their hands on the new beta first, allowing them to dive into the game and find any glaring imbalances in the roster or on certain maps. From there, streamers and the casual community will be able to provide feedback after spending some time in the Overwatch sequel. 


Unfortunately, no date has been given for the next Overwatch 2 PvP beta. Seeing as the announcement is coming June and that it will discuss the next few months, it seems that the next beta will be in the summer or fall of 2022. 

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