Geonho “claris” Lee decided to not join as the Seventh Man of Lunatic-Hai


Geonho ‘Claris’ Lee, who was to join Lunatic-Hai, revealed that he will not be joining the team. Claris expressed his intention of giving up his recruitment for the team, posting a public explanation (Link in Korean) for the controversy regarding him joining Lunatic-Hai as the Seventh Man.

Lee listed the three charges against him: using unauthorized programs for another game, boosting, and poor sportsmanship while using a shared Rhinos Titan account. After explaining the charges, he proceeded to debunk each one. Regardless of whether they are actually true or not, he said he felt “great psychological pressure in being accused of these allegations.”

Claris mentioned in his post that he has been reconsidering his recruitment to Lunatic-Hai and has decided not to join the team. He also added that he needs to take a break from his career. Lastly, he asserted that his apology post has no relation to either Lunatic-Hai or Rhinos Gaming.

In response to the news, Lunatic-Hai was contacted by Inven over the phone and confirmed Lee’s statement to be true. Lunatic-Hai said that the team will release an announcement regarding the Seventh Man recruitment issue in the near future.

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