3rd Weekly Esports of April - KT on their way to the throne vs SKT guarding, and Overwatch


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Hello everyone! Here's the Weekly Esports for you to get caught up with this week's esports news!

First, the playoff for Samsung Galaxy and KT Rolster was held last Saturday. This intense match decided which team would make it to the LCK Spring Split finals; it was especially interesting because it had been a long time since Deft's Jinx stepped into the light spotlight. Not only that, Stitch played Kalista, a champion with whom he got a pentakill with back in 2016. It was refreshing and stirring to see new types of drafts instead of the usual mainstream compositions.

The playoffs ended with KT Rolster's perfect victory of 3-0! Thus KT Rolster will be playing against SKT T1 in the finals this coming Saturday. Will it be SKT T1, the titan guarding their throne, that wins, or KT Rolster, who has successfully made it to the 2017 LCK Spring Split finals for the first time?

Last week, we had the Overwatch APEX Challengers Season 3: Super Week. In this season, the number of teams that will be promoted to the 1st league will increase from 4 to 6 at the promotion tournament. So apart from the 8 existing teams, 2 more teams invited from overseas will be joining Season 3. Both Afreeca Freecs Red and MVP Infinity have been relegated to APEX Challengers Season 4.

This is it for this week's Weekly Esports. Thanks for reading!

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