"My heart has been breaking": McCree voice actor supports upcoming name change

Source: Blizzard


The Overwatch team recently announced that Jesse McCree's name was going to change following a sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuit against Blizzard. McCree was named after an employee within the company that was accused of predatory behavior, including hanging out in the "Cosby Suite" at BlizzCon. 


The Overwatch community had mixed responses to McCree's upcoming name change. Some felt it was not necessary since McCree is a made up character and nobody should be bothered by his name. Others felt it was a slap in the face from a company that refused to make real changes to their culture or do anything for the victims. 


While the name change will be quite complicated due to Overwatch's abundant lore and content, it's overall seen as a positive change. While it may not be enough, it's a step in the right direction and many fans have expressed that there's no harm in erasing McCree's namesake from a game that is supposed to be inclusive. 


One of the more prominent voices to agree with the Overwatch team's decision is Matthew Mercer, the voice actor who plays McCree. 


"My heart has been breaking since the whole thing went down," Mercer said in an exclusive interview with coming soon. “It needed to be done for a lot of people to feel comfortable moving forward with the story of Overwatch and the characters.”



Mercer addressed a lot of the complaints regarding the iconic cowboy's upcoming name change. He noted that some people feel it's "ridiculous" to change "just a name," but Mercer himself feels the name is connected to "a lot of people's pain and abuse." So why not make things better? 


"I can't help but be behind that," Mercer said. 


McCree's new name has not been announced just yet (although we have a few ideas). It's sure to be an extensive process since McCree is featured in so many voice lines, comic books, short films, and other material. But it's a step in the right direction. 


Still, Overwatch fans are demanding larger changes at Blizzard. The company's internal culture has shocked many in the gaming community. And the frustration only deepened when Blizzard initially denied any wrongdoing despite numerous employees coming forward. 

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