Wild speculations on what McCree's new name will be

Overwatch's favorite cowboy Jesse McCree is no longer Jesse McCree, after the developer he was named after was removed from Blizzard Entertainment amid a gender discrimination lawsuit against Activision Blizzard from the state of California.


While it was probably the right decision to change the character's name, the question remains, what name should be given to the Outlaw?


Well, Inven Global's staff got together to speculate wildly about what we should rename Jesse McCree. And honestly, some of our ideas make a lot of sense... sort of.


Aaron: McCree has a voice line in which he says his name is not Joel, in response to Sombra implying McCree is not his real name. Given this voice line, even before the need to change McCree’s name, many players speculated that this could be McCree’s original name. So it might make sense to rename him Joel.

If he is saying “my name is not Joel” out of nowhere, it is possible that in the lore he is trying to cover up his original name and that McCree was an alias all along. Otherwise, why does he feel the need to clarify? This name could give the developers some teeth to tailor the narrative to the new name using already existing hints in the game.



Bullseye Bill

Olivia: This is a great play on McCree’s ultimate, Deadeye (Deadeye Dave?). As a DPS hero, McCree is all about hitting his target. Also, who doesn’t love iteration? 



Aaron: Prospector Logann was a Starcraft character that McCree was based on. The original concept art for Logann very clearly inspired the person we now know as McCree, so renaming him after that character could be a nice nod to Starcraft as well as a logical way to pivot the name that doesn’t just come out of nowhere. If they wanted to get silly with it and keep the first name last name thing, they could name him Logann McDonald. I would play a character named Logann McDonald.


Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Jim Cassidy

Olivia: This is a mashup of two known outlaws in the late 1800s, Butch Cassidy and Jim Miller. You could also do Butch Miller but it’s not nearly as badass. Blizzard said they wouldn’t directly name any characters off of IRL people anymore. But Jim Cassidy isn’t real. Unlike straight edge Jim Miller, Jim Cassidy often has a cigar hanging out of his mouth. 


Source: History.com


Mr. Yeehaw

Samantha: This one just comes from common in-game use. We have all heard that one player (cough, Inven Global’s social media manager Sam) who in the chat asks “Are we going yeehaw” to refer to McCree. Mr. Yeehaw is a silly name, sure, but if they commit enough to it, I think they could make it work! 


James Davis

Olivia: Cowboys were extremely prominent in the 1860s through the 1880s. And some of the most popular boy names at that time were: John, William, James, and George. Davis was one of the most popular last names around that time as well, along with Brown, Miller, Johnson, and Williams. But I think James Davis has the best ring to it. 

Source: Denver Library

Desse DcCree

Aaron: A letter is different, and now it is better because he is no longer named after the disgraced developer who allegedly made Blizzard an unsafe place for women to work.


Titanium Tim

Olivia: His arm is a robot arm. 

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