Lunatic Hai Whoru: “EscA is my role model. I want to be more like him.”

Group A matches are officially over today (March 10th, KST) and Lunatic Hai has moved on to the semifinals of Overwatch APEX Season 2. Lunatic Hai defeated KongDoo Uncia 3-0, getting their revenge on KD Uncia for defeating them last Season.

Below is the post-match press interview with Seung-Joon “Whoru” Lee, who led the team to victory with his amazing Genji plays.

How do you feel about moving on to the semifinals?

I'm really happy. Lunatic Hai only made it to the quarterfinals last Season, that was before I joined the team by the way, and now we’re moving on to the semifinals.

The Genji (Whoru) vs. Genji (Birdring) fight was pretty impressive. How did you manage to win?

I know I can play Genji, so I decided to be more aggressive. That has worked out really well for me and I could win the fight.

You were also pretty impressive when you played against Haksal (RunAway) in the previous match.

I wish I did better in that match. But I’m pretty satisfied with my Genji plays, even though we lost the match. I don’t really mind being called “the high school Genji.” All that matters is winning, I guess.

What is the secret behind the 3-0 victory? 

We weren’t careful enough in the previous match and we lost. So we were extra careful this time, even when we were definitely winning. Also, we cheered each other up when we were losing. Cheering each other up was the best part, in my opinion.

Did your teammates feel any pressure against KD Uncia since they defeated Lunatic Hai last Season?

I think they did have some pressure against KD Uncia. That’s why we needed to cheer each other up.

We saw you jumping around with Miro after winning Set 2.

We were overjoyed and couldn’t stay calm. We couldn’t stop jumping around and screaming. [laughs]

You surely look like a pro even though this is your first time participating in an eSports event. Did you want to be a professional Overwatch player since you were young?

I wasn’t thinking about being a pro when I first started to play Overwatch, but the idea slowly came to me as I began to participate in eSports events. I learned how to act and think like a pro from my teammates and our coaches after I joined Lunatic Hai.

Do you have a role model in your life? (doesn’t have to be an Overwatch player)

My teammate EscA has been my role model ever since I started playing Overwatch. He is not only good at Overwatch, but also really modest and nice, always looking after the others.

Is there any team you wish to play against in the semifinals?

I think LW Blue is going to make it to the semifinals. I want to play against them once again, and win this time.

Lunatic Hai surely has a lot of fans. Do you feel nervous in front of them?

I panicked when I first met my fans. It’s better now, but I still feel kind of nervous. I remember this fan who gave me a measuring cup as a gift. She said she bought the cup for me because she heard that I got in trouble because I can’t cook ramen noodles. [laughs]

Any last words?

I’m really happy that we won today. I’m especially thankful our fans. I can hear them shouting “Go Lunatic Hai!” and that really cheers me up.

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