Details for latest Overwatch event, Sigma's Maestro Challenge, revealed

▲ Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment


Last weekend, Overwatch revealed a new legendary skin and also mentioned that an in-game event would be accompanying the skin's release alongside other potential rewards.  Through July 27, players can participate in Sigma's Maestro Challenge for a chance to win up to nine rewards, including the legendary Maestro Sigma skin. Players across PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will be eligible to participate in the contest. 



Maestro Sigma is the clear centerpiece of the event, but the other limited time-rewards a player icon, a legendary emote and six unique sprays.  Sigma’s Maestro Challenge also ushers in the release of the brand-new soundtrack, Overwatch: Cities & Countries, featuring the themes of Overwatch maps and missions across the world. Overwatch: Cities & Countries was released on July 12 alongside the initial announcement and can be listened to at


Maestro Sigma is the first legendary skin to be released in Overwatch since Thunder Doomfist, the latter of which was released in March 2020 to commemorate the dominant championship run of San Francisco Shock in the 2019 Overwatch League Playoffs. 


▲ Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment


There are two ways Overwatch players can unlock rewards during Sigma's Maestro Challenge: playiing and watching. Wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will go towards the win totals required to unlock rewards. 3 wins will earn a player two player icons, 6 wins will grant a new emote, and 9 wins will unlock the legendary Maestro Sigma skin.


However, should players want to unock every reward from Sigma's Maestro Challenge, they will have to tune into Twitch. By watching streamers on Twitch who are playing Overwatch during the event, players can earned up to six new sprays. Two hours watched of a streamer amounts to one new spray; four hours watched will earn a player two new sprays.


Sigma's Maestro Challenge begins today, but with only two weeks to aquire all nine rewards, players looking to complete the event in style have no time to waste.

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