Boston Uprising investigates sexual harassment claims towards tank player Mouffin

Image Source: Joshua Roberts For Activision Blizzard


A scandal surrounded the Overwatch League yesterday prior to the league restarting matches. One of the players from the Boston Uprising, Walid "Mouffin" Bassal, had sexual allegations towards minors.




Summarizing what happened


It all started with a TwitLonger from @KhaleesiBB on Twitter. To summarize, the TwitLonger stated that Mouffin and KhalessiBB have been talking since last Summer and became close to the point where they had feelings for each other. Their relationship culminated during TwitchCon 2019 when KhalessiBB informed Mouffin that she could not go due to financial reasons. Mouffin paid for her trip to TwitchCon where the two met in person.


During TwitchCon, she accused of Mouffin being aggressive with other females at the Airbnb, to the point where they needed companions to look over them for the concern of their safety. After Mouffin was known for his behavior, he apologized to females who were in contact with him. The allegation is that he was sexually direct messaging underage girls, sending them videos, and engaging in sexual activity, which those girls then posted on their private Twitter accounts.


Later in the year at BlizzCon, KhalessiBB was told that Mouffin offered alcohol to minors, was talking to girls that she claimed are not older than 15-years-old, and engaging in sexual activity. 


After that TwitLonger, KhalessiBB posted an Imgur album of direct messages between her and Mouffin, which can be viewed in this link.




After KhalessiBB tweeted this out, there were a lot of rumblings within the Overwatch League community. There were no actions taken immediately by the Boston Uprising or OWL. This morning, Boston Uprising tweeted they are taking these allegations very seriously. Their first action is that Mouffin is not competing in the match today against the Toronto Defiant. They have not commented whether Mouffin is going to participate in future matches after today. OWL officials have not made any statements to the allegations against Mouffin at this time. Mouffin has not made any statements regarding allegations towards him.




These kinds of allegations are not the first time that the Boston Uprising had to deal with. During the inaugural season, former Uprising DPS Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez, was accused of making sexual engagements towards minors. The Uprising responded by terminating DreamKazper's contract. Whether the same fate is going to happen to Mouffin will be up to the Uprising to decide.


Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops.

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