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Basic Information
Name Thunderbolt Horn I Rarity 6
Attack 588 Affinity 0%
Slots - - - Sharpness
Option Thunder 480
Required to Upgrade
Required Cost
Required to Upgrade
Kirin Azure Horn x4
Kirin Hide+ x5
Kirin Mane x4
Dragonvein Crystal x5
Melody Effects
Notes Name Effects Additional Effects
Speed Up Self Increases player's speed. Extends effect duration. Prevents player's attacks from being deflected.
Health Recovery (S) Recovers health by a little. Increases health recovery on rare occasion. Same
Sonic Waves Emits a harsh, high-frequency sound that can disrupt sensitive monsters. Same
Recovery Speed (S) Speeds healing of recoverable damage (the red portion of the health gauge) Extends effect duration.
Divine Protection Reduces damage by certain chance. Extends effect duration.
Thunder Res Boost (L) Increases thunder resistance. Nullifies thunder elemental damage. Extends effect duration. Increases thunder resistance further.
Elemental Attack Boost Increases elemental damage. Extends effect duration. Increases elemental attack further.
Upgrade Tree
Thunderbolt Horn I

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