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Basic Information
Name Teostra's Orphée Rarity 8
Attack 798 Affinity 0%
Slots - - - Sharpness
Option Blast 390
Required to Upgrade
Required Cost
Required to Upgrade
Xeno'jiiva Soulscale x5
Teostra Horn+ x5
Teostra Claw+ x2
Teostra Gem x1
Melody Effects
Notes Name Effects Additional Effects
Speed Up Self Increases player's speed. Extends effect duration. Prevents player's attacks from being deflected.
Scoutfly Power up Increases the guide level for all monsters by 1. Extends effect duration.
Abnormal Status Atk. Increased Increases abnormal status attack. Extends effect duration. Increases abnormal status attack further.
All Ailments Negated Prevents abnormal status ailments. Extends effect duration.
Divine Protection Reduces damage by certain chance. Extends effect duration.
Upgrade Tree
Teostra's Orphée

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