Slay Nergigante and get the Ryu Full Armor Set! Monster Hunter: World x Street Fighter V Collaboration Event #3 begins


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On May 11th, the third collaboration event between Monster Hunter: World and Street Fighter V started. The event will be held for two weeks. You can start the event by accepting the quest “The Awakened Satsui no Hado (I, II, and III) in the Challenges category at the Arena Counter in the Astera 4th floor Gathering Hub.

Quests I, II, and III are exactly the same, but the types of weapons you can choose within the quest are different for each one. The Armor will always be the Ryu Full Armor Set. The Set Bonus Skills for the Ryu Armor Set in the Challenge are Critical Element, Mind’s Eye/Ballistics, Health Boost Lv.3, Agitator Lv.2, Constitution Lv.2, Lv.1 Attack Boost, Defense Boost, Fortify, and Resuscitate.

Like the currently ongoing Sakura event, there are no Potions or Mega Potions in the Arena. As players have to hunt Nergigante using only Max Potions and Ancient Potions, it is highly recommended to form a 2-person party.

Unlike in the Sakura event where players had to hunt Pink Rathian, a Flying Wyvern, in the Ryu event players have to hunt Nergigante, an Elder Dragon. Crowd control effects like Paralysis and Sleep are crucial, so the Light/Heavy Bowgun and Bow are recommended for the hunt.


▲ You can accept the event quest at the Arena Counter on the 4th floor.
▲ Each quest will have a different type of weapona available, so make sure you have the right quest.
▲ All Armor pieces will be Ryu armor.


After hunting Nergigante, you will get your rewards based on the clear time. You can get SFV Ticket III as a reward, and can craft Ryu armor at the Smithy. The Ryu Full Armor Set will have the same skills as the one that you had in the Challenge, except that the actual crafted Armor Set will have Lv. 1 Health Boost. The materials are 4 SFV Tickets III, 5 Hunter King Coins, 6 Immortal Dragonscales, and 1 Rathalos Plate.

Although the Ryu Full Armor Set will not be viable in the actual gameplay, this might be your only chance to get it, so don’t miss out!


▲ You can get SFV Ticket III as a reward.
▲ You can craft the Ryu Full Armor Set at the Smithy.
▲ The Ryu Full Armor set. You can change the color afterwards.


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