Monster Hunter: World X Street Fighter V Collaboration Event #2 - Sakura Joins the Hunt!


The second Monster Hunter: World x Street Fighter V collaboration is here at last!

This event is open for 2 weeks, from May 4th to May 18th; through the event, you can obtain Sakura’s full armor set by completing the challenge quest, just like the previous SF V collaboration event.

This challenge quest can be accepted at the Gathering Hub on the 4th floor of Astera. You can only hunt with specific gear, and a maximum of 2 players can hunt at the same time. The quest is called Empress in Full Bloom, and it has you hunt the Advanced Pink Rathian with the difficulty level of ★7. There are a total of 3 quests, which are almost the same except that the gear that you can use in each quest is different.


▲ There are 3 quests from which you can choose one, and the only difference is the equipment available for use during the quests.


▲ You will receive equipment similar to the previous collab event to do the quest.


▲ Since you won’t have any healing potions, you will have to have solid teamwork and timing to complete the hunt.


Even though the Empress in Full Bloom quest’s difficulty level is ★7, you will have to hunt the Pink Rathian with low tier equipment and no healing potions (there won’t be any healing potions included in the equipment you’ll be given during the quest), which can seem difficult for some players. If played solo, it can take quite a while to put a dent in the Pink Rathian’s health, since it is a challenge quest. Thus you are recommended to try the quest with other players.


You will be able to obtain the SFV Ticket II along with the Hunter King Coin, Rathian Coin, etc. Take the rewards to the workshop and you will be able to craft Sakura α. Sakura α is a full armor set like the Ryu and Aloy α sets that were released before, which means putting on a piece of armor will put on the entire armor set, making it impossible to mix and match with other gear. Upon equipping Sakura α, your character’s appearance and voice will change to Sakura’s from Street Fighter V.


▲ You will need a total of 4 SFV Ticket IIs, which you can get as the quest reward.


▲ This is how Sakura α looks.


▲ Sakura α stats. The skills aren’t that great and since it’s a full armor set, it won’t be very useful.

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