Monster Hunter: World ‘The Strategist’ Cluster Heavy Bowgun - How to Hunt with a Master Plan


Strategic usage of the Cluster Heavy Bowgun has become a popular topic among hunters. Inven KR invited some players well-known for handling each weapon to compete against each other in a time-attack competition on February 24th (KST).

The hunter who had prepared a Cluster Heavy Bowgun for that day was clearly up to something. He started digging trap holes in strange spots in a competition where he was supposed to hunt a Pink Rathian. He even set up a Shock Trap a few steps away from his other traps, and the casters were quite curious as to what his intentions were.


However, all of these were part of his master plan. This hunter walked up close to the Pink Rathian, shot it with some Sleep Ammo, and inflicted huge damage with Mega Barrel Bomb & Wyvernsnipe soon after. He then lured the Pink Rathian to the traps after he put on his Challenger Mantle. After the first trap went off, he carpet-bombed the monster with Cluster Bomb and then smoothly led it to his second trap. He continued kiting the Pink Rathian while setting more traps.


And everything went just as he had planned- the Pink Rathian, charmed by the hunter’s Challenger Mantle, walked into the first, then second trap, then was hit by all the Cluster Bombs as it walked into the 4th trap. In the end, the Pink Rathian was hunted in just 2 minutes and 36 seconds without attacking the hunter even once due to his perfectly laid-out plan.


▲ When the monster walked into the trap, the hunter just calmly set up another trap.


In the end, the hunter completed the challenge with just 4 traps and 1 Flash Pod, which is even more astonishing when you consider that he did not have any Augmentations, a Palico, or a Rocksteady Mantle as per the contest rules.

First, this hunter equipped Magda Gemitus II, which boasts high damage with low affinity, and had 3 pieces of Xeno’jiiva armor equipped on his head, arm, and waist for the Spare Shot effect. For the remaining armor slots, he had his Kirin Leg Guards β and Rath Soul Mail β to get the level 3 Green Elem/Ammo Up skill.

As for Charm, he got the Peak Performance skill to level 3 with an Unscathed Charm II and also got Health Booster in order to keep Peak Performance, which was a perfectly-calculated setting. Besides these skills, the hunter also got level 3 Quick Sheath, level 3 Flinch Free, level 2 Attack, level 2 Blight Resistance, and level 2 Special Ammo Boost.

Here is a video of the same hunter hunting Nergigante afterward at the contest.


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