Long Sword & Dual Blades at the top! Weapon Tier List for Monster Hunter: World after Patch 1.05


A big change has been made to the weapon tier list in Monster Hunter: World after last week’s patch 1.05.


Long Sword and Dual Blades have been voted to be the best weapons in both solo and multi-play for the weapon tier survey done by gamy.jp, a Japanese Monster Hunter: World strategy website. Long Sword and Dual Blades have been placed in SSS tier along with Light Bowgun for solo-play, and also in SSS tier along with the Bow for multi-play. Notably, the Long Sword got over 3,500 overwhelming votes for the multi-play weapon tier.


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The Long Sword is a weapon that offers long range and mobility, while Dual Blades have been greatly preferred for its great mobility attacks like Demon Flurry Rush as well as the high damage it can deal with Blade Dance after using the Demon Mode. Also, Dual Blades are easy to use and provide fairly good damage, so many players have been favoring it over other weapons.

On the other hand, the Light Bowgun, which had been thought to be a top tier weapon, has been placed in SS tier after the nerf on Slicing Ammo. However, it is still placed in SSS tier in solo-play, so many players agree that it is now more balanced after last week’s patch.

Meanwhile, the Heavy Bowgun and Charge Blade have been placed in SS tier for both solo and multi-play; Sword & Shield placed tier A for solo-play and B for multi; Hunting Horn has been placed tier B for solo and A for multi, placing it at the very bottom of the weapon tier list.

The current weapon tier list voted by players is as follows (based on February 12th).


▲ Weapon Tier List: Multi-Play (Left), Solo-Play (Right)


■ Solo-Play Weapon Tier List:

Tier SSS
  - Dual Blades / Long Sword / Light Bowgun
Tier SS  - Charge Blade / Great Sword / Switch Axe / Heavy Bowgun
Tier S  - Lance / Gunlance / Bow
Tier A  - Hammer / Insect Glaive / Sword & Shield
Tier B  - Hunting Horn

■ Multi-Play Weapon Tier List:

Tier SSS  - Dual Blades / Long Sword / Bow
Tier SS  - Light Bowgun / Heavy Bowgun / Charge Blade / Insect Glaive
Tier S  - Hammer / Gunlance / Switch Axe / Great Sword
Tier A  - Lance / Hunting Horn
Tier B  - Sword & Shield

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    level 1 Robert_Jones

    I understand that this list came out early in World’s lifecycle, but how on earth does HGB not achieve SSS for solo play? You just throw on a Rocksteady Mantle and Clust 3 spam to kill just about anything in the game.

    And Hammer is WAY too low. It does obscene damage.

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