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Slicing Ammo nerfed and decoration copy bug fixed! Monster Hunter: World Patch 1.05



Slicing Ammo, which created quite a lot of buzz amongst the players, has finally been nerfed.

The damage for Slicing Ammo has been nerfed with the patch update on February 8th, and the number of Slashberries you can hold has been reduced from 60 to 30 along with this change. According to players who went on an experimental hunt right after the nerf, the damage for Slicing Ammo has been reduced by 20~30% after the nerf.

However, the degree to which Slicing Ammo blows nearby players away has been lessened and the damage for several other Ammo types, including Normal and Pierce Ammo, has been buffed.

Many players have been curious about how the hunting patterns will change with all these different ammo types since it is now less likely that everyone will use Slicing ammo.

Along with this change, the Decoration bug has been fixed. However, no separate action has been taken against the decorations that have already been copied. Not only that, selling decorations is now forbidden as well.

Apart from these changes, small bugs such as players not being able to get on the circle session or 5 Million Celebration Item Pack not being given to some players have been fixed. The detailed patch notes can be found here.


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▲ You can now carry only 30 Slashberries in your item box.


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