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Monster Hunter: World Weapon Ranking as Voted by Players - Light Bowgun is the Best Weapon



The best weapon, according to votes from players of the Monster Hunter: World (MHW), is the light bowgun.

According to the poll on February 7 by, an MHW wiki, the light bowgun surpassed the dual blades (2nd) and charge blade (3rd) in votes, which earned it the title of best weapon.

The light bowgun has been selected as an SS-ranked weapon, along with the greatsword, dual blades, and charge blade. It is also an SS rank weapon alongside dual blades and the bow in the multi-play mode, making itself the best weapon thus far.

This is due to the high efficiency of the “slicing shot”, which has recently gone viral among players. Its mobility is far superior to the heavy bowgun (5th) which can also use the same shot and is excellent for exploding bombs as well. The weapon is favored by players in multi-play mode as well, even though the shot does friendly fire damage to team members.

On the other hand, the least favored weapon selected by players is the sword and shield. It received the lowest rank, C, in both solo and multi-play modes. The hunting horn barely beat the sword and shield by earning a B rank in multi-play mode.

Below are the weapon rankings according to player votes:

The Best Weapon Ranking (solo-play)

SS - light bowgun, greatsword, dual blades, charge blade

S - switch axe, long sword, bow

A - hammer, lance, insect glaive

B - gun lance, heavy bowgun

C - sword & shield, hunting horn

The Best Weapon Ranking (multi-play)

SS - light bowgun, bow, dual blades

S - insect glaive, heavy bowgun, hammer, charge blade

A - gun lance, greatsword, switch axe, lance

B - long sword, hunting horn

C - sword & shield

The Overall Best Weapon Ranking

1st - light bowgun

2nd - dual blades

3rd - charge blade

4th - bow

5th - gun lance

6th - heavy bowgun

7th - switch axe

8th - hammer

9th - longsword

10th - insect glaive

11th - lance

12th - greatsword

13th - hunting horn

14th - sword & shield

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    level 1 Jared_____

    Umm.. There is a npc in the game that will tell you how often people use the weapon type you have equiped. First Wyverns is the npc that does it, I think.

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    level 1 ObliviOni

    This poll is obviously undeveloped and uneducated by actual MH players.. as another listed the first wyverian states as the last time I spoke to him that long sword was the most used weapon followed by my favorite the insect glaive. Whatever poll you used probably had a handful of new players and next to no research. Considering how few comments this gained your trolling didn't work but yet I'm still influenced to feed it.. good luck at the rest of your life though

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