TSM Zven: “I should be with Mithy no matter where I go.”

TSM Zven is a very fortunate player. He met his partner in crime, Mithy, who was and still is willing to be at his side anytime…anywhere. When Mithy wanted to go to the NA LCS to be challenged in a new environment, Zven claims that he was the first person Mithy came to. Without any hesitation, Zven accepted Mithy’s proposal and went overseas to become a member of TSM.

Although TSM’s start wasn’t on par with people’s expectations, Zven and Mithy are ever so slightly improving TSM with their veteran bot lane experience. This duo has shown a better and better performance as time goes by.

Inven Global discussed with Zven to do a follow up interview regarding Mithy’s interview last week. Let’s see what Zven has to say about his partner Mithy, TSM, and his goal in NA.

¤ How do you feel about your win against 100 Thieves?

I’m pretty happy that we beat a top team. We only beat the Golden Guardians and OpTic before this. It feels good to beat a team that is actually good.

¤ Since TSM is on a 2 win streak, do you think the issues with the team has been resolved to some extent?

No, I don’t think so. We still have issues. The reasons that we lost to Liquid or Flyquest are not the same reasons why we are winning now. We just fixed some problems. We are working on one issue or mistake at a time. I honestly don’t think we are good yet. I just think 100 Thieves didn’t play well. They drafted a very bad team comp. 100 Thieves picked TF, and it was so useless. TF couldn’t go anywhere. We had cleanse bot lane, cleanse mid lane, and GP had oranges. TF had no purpose in the game. Overall, their engages and plays were not that good. Today, we just played well with our draft. We are getting better slowly.

¤ When talking about the issues with your team, who is the most vocal?

Whether we win or lose, the first people who start talking about ‘oh we screwed up this’ or ‘we could have done this’ are me, Bjergsen, and Mithy. Mike and Hauntzer tend to think about what went wrong before they talk. Whereas, me, Bjergsen, and Mithy would go to our room and talk it out. The day we go home, we would watch the game on VOD. Coach Ssong and Lustboy also would say a few words.

¤ If you had to pick one person, who would it be?

Probably Bjergsen. He is not necessarily a leader, but he would get his opinion across. It is up to you if you get annoyed from him being forward or not. Bjergsen is very straightforward.

¤ When we interviewed Mithy, he told us the journey you guys have had from G2 to TSM. He told us you wanted to go with him wherever he went. Is this all true?

Yeah. I knew that I wanted to play with Mithy more than anything. I don’t think there are any supports in EU that are even close to Mithy. In NA, there are a few supports who are good like Olleh, Smoothie, Biofrost, and Aphromoo. I don’t want to say no one is worth playing with, but there is no one in EU who is better than Mithy. When I had to choose between G2 or TSM, I realized I should be with Mithy no matter where I go.

¤ If you had to describe Mithy to you in one word. What word would that be and why?

In the first 6-7 months, Mithy was my mentor. He helped me through the rookie status. After that, he became my partner in crime. From the start to going to Worlds, I learned everything from him more than anyone else. So, mentor first then my partner in the bot lane. We are a team now. Before, he was the smart guy and I was the Braum. The muscle or whatever.

¤ It seems that you are settling well into TSM. In what aspects do you like TSM and how is it compared to other teams that you have been with?

There is a big difference between TSM and Origen but not much of a difference between TSM and G2. TSM has everything you need and everything you don’t need as well. They make sure that if something goes wrong with the team, it is not TSM’s fault but yours. There will never be a case where you don’t have a coach, analyst, translator, or English teacher. You have everything you need. The only thing you can blame for bad performances is yourself right? In G2 or Origen, you would miss something. You would say ‘I wish I had this or this’. I like it how TSM has made it so you can only blame yourself. If there is a problem with TSM, they fix it fast. I really appreciate that. G2 was also good at this but TSM does it a bit better I think. G2 is a newer organization, so it is to be expected. TSM is very integrated.

¤ So would you say you feel more professional being in a team like TSM?

I don’t know if I feel more professional, but TSM is definitely more professional. TSM has organized it so all social media is done as easily as possible. There is always someone to do something. There are people who take care of our uniforms, a house manager who restocks things we didn’t even know we needed, and even social security. Social security in the US is very complex, but I have someone that does that for me. I have minimum work. It is just really nice to have someone that takes care of everything.

¤ Do you feel more pressured in anyway because you can only blame yourself? Does the fan base pressure you as well?

In G2 and TSM, we have the same expectations. By expectations, I mean winning the finals. However, both teams have had a lack of performances at MSI and Worlds. Both teams are expected to win the split/season. There is pressure on me but I don’t think it is necessarily because of TSM. Even if I was on G2, the expectations would be the same. To go to Worlds and to do well. I expect to win the finals for the season, but my goal is to do well at Worlds.

¤ Lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans or promises you want to make?

I think making promises is bad. If I say ‘I’m going to win Worlds’, I am going to let people down at some point right? However, I will promise we will make it to playoffs, do my best, and make it to Worlds. Hopefully, we can make it out of groups. It is my only goal for this year. I know a lot of people don’t believe in us, but we are a good team. We are getting better every week. Don’t lose faith in us, and we will do well. That I can promise you.

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