Gen.G crowned champions of MSI 2024, Lehends named MVP


On May 19th, Gen.G triumphed over Bilibili Gaming with a 3-1 victory in the finals of the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational held in Chengdu, China. The team's outstanding individual mechanics and the synergy they demonstrated through precise teamfights and strategic plays shone throughout the tournament.


In Game 1, Bilibili Gaming’s early aggression was formidable. They secured two kills on Kim “Kiin” Gi-in’s K'Sante in a lane swap scenario, dominated dragon control, and acquired the Chemtech Soul. However, Gen.G turned the tide by taking down Peng “Xun” Li-Xun’s Xin Zhao and securing Baron, marking the beginning of their comeback.


Gen.G initiated a teamfight around the Elder Dragon at around the 30-minute mark. Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu’s Karthus laid down perfect Defile zones, while K'Sante and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon’s Yone excelled, allowing Gen.G to secure both the Elder Dragon and Baron. Even at the second Elder Dragon, Gen.G started first and clinched a victory with Canyon's precise Smite. They scored an ace without losing any members in that fight and secured game 1.


In Game 2, Son “Lehends” Si-woo’s Blitzcrank was outstanding. He teleported to the lane to pick off Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin’s Camille, securing the first kill. Lehends continued to land flawless grabs during both laning and skirmishes, quelling Bilibili Gaming's comeback efforts. This led Gen.G to build a 10,000 gold lead, securing a 2-0 series advantage. Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan's 28 kills and pentakill were the highlights.


Bilibili Gaming did not go down easily. Utilizing a poke composition centered around Nidalee and Jayce, along with Jax for side pressure and Senna for late game, they focused their efforts on the bottom lane, gaining early control and converting their comp's strengths into a win. Despite Gen.G's sharp plays and capitalizing on Bilibili Gaming's mistakes, it wasn't enough to overturn the game.


Game 4 was fiercely contested. Bilibili Gaming's side lane macro with Bin's Camille constantly pressured Gen.G. Although Gen.G showcased solid defense, they suffered significant losses when Xun stole Baron with Nidalee and subsequently lost twin towers after a teamfight defeat. In moments of crisis, Gen.G became even bolder.


Peyz managed to take down Tristana, who had destroyed the twin towers. Gen.G then secured the Infernal Soul and Baron. They thwarted all backdoor attempts with proper positioning. When the Elder Dragon appeared, Gen.G opted to burst it quickly and swiftly dispatched a strike team to defend the base. With the decisive teamfight win, they closed out the long battle.



With this victory, Gen.G lifted their first international trophy since rebranding. For Kiin, Chovy, Peyz, and Lehends, it was their first international title. Canyon, a former Worlds champion, also secured his first MSI title, completing his career Grand Slam. Additionally, this win brought the long-awaited joy of an MSI championship to the LCK community.


After the win, Lehends was named MVP of the finals. His exceptional play on Blitzcrank in Game 2 and Maokai in Game 4 were particularly noteworthy. After being named Finals MVP, Lehends appeared to be in a state of disbelief. When asked for his thoughts by the announcer, he hesitated and said, "I didn't expect to receive this. It feels like I've taken it from someone else. It's all so sudden, I can't think straight. I'm just grateful."


He continued, "To the fans who support Gen.G, I can't fully express it, but I'm always grateful for the overwhelming love. Personally, I'm thankful that I can finally present an international trophy to the fans who have supported me all this time. Thank you."


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