All you need to know about MSI 2024


Riot Games has unveiled detailed information about the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2024), which will take place in Chengdu, China, from May 1st to the 19th. MSI 2024 kicks off on May 1 and runs until the finals on May 19 at the Chengdu Financial City Performing Arts Center.


MSI is the first international tournament of the year, showcasing top teams from regional leagues of LoL esports competing on the international stage. The winner of MSI will secure the first slot for the LoL World Championship, considered an additional qualification slot for their region. The region that secures the runner-up position will also earn an additional slot for the World Championship.


Riot Games has also set up measures to ensure that teams that have already secured World Championship slots continue to strive for victory in their respective regional leagues. These teams must advance to the Summer Playoffs in their respective regions to maintain their qualification.


The 2024 MSI consists of the Play-In stage from May 1-5 and the Bracket stage from May 7-19. The Play-In stage will feature eight teams: Estral Esports (LLA), LOUD (CBLOL), PSG Talon (PCS), GAM Esports (VCS), T1 (LCK), Top Esports (LPL), FlyQuest (LCS), and Fnatic (LEC). These teams will compete for four spots in the Bracket stage.


The eight teams will be divided into two groups, with each group playing a double-elimination format with a best-of-five series. Group A consists of T1, FlyQuest, PSG Talon, and Estral Esports, and Gropu B consists of TOP Esports, Fnatic, GAM Esports, and LOUD. Following the initial matches in each group, the team with two victories will advance as the first seed, and the team with a 2-1 record in the final match will advance as the second seed to the Bracket stage.


The Bracket stage will see eight teams competing in a double-elimination format with a best-of-five series. In addition to the four teams that advance from the Play-In stage, Gen.G (LCK), Bilibili Gaming (LPL), G2 Esports (LEC), and Team Liquid (LCS) will participate.


The matchups for the Bracket stage will be determined based on the results of the group draw held immediately after the conclusion of the Play-In stage on May 5. Riot Games has applied a rule stating that "teams from the same region cannot be placed in the same bracket" to the Bracket stage starting this year, so the upper and lower brackets of the quarterfinals will be composed of teams from different regions. The first round of the Bracket stage will run from May 11-12.



◆ Revenue from MSI Exclusive Digital Items to be Distributed to Participating Teams


In conjunction with the opening of MSI 2024, fans can support their favorite teams by purchasing the pass bundles. 30% of the total revenue will be distributed to the participating teams, and 30% of the total sales revenue of the Empyrean Nocturne skin will be allocated to the MSI 2024 participating teams. More detailed information about the pass will be announced later.


This year, the existing MSI and World Championship icons and emote team sets will be replaced with custom emotes designed by teams from LCK, LPL, LEC, LCS, VCS, PCS, CBLOL, and LLA. These emotes will be available for sale during this year's World Championship.


◆ Collaboration with Li-Ning to Introduce Special Apparel Sets


Special products have also been planned to commemorate MSI 2024. Riot Games has collaborated with the famous Chinese sports brand Li-Ning to create apparel sets to promote the theme of this year's MSI, 'BECOME THE UNKNOWN'.


This collection consists of various tops and accessories inspired by League of Legends' iconic champions and elements, such as Lee Sin and Elder Dragon, in addition to the MSI brand. Some items from the MSI 2024 collection will be available for online sale for a limited time starting from Apr. 25.


All MSI 2024 matches can be watched on, with rewards given for watching.

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