[Meta World] Landmarks Everywhere twice, did you know? ‘Board Game rule guide’

“Character skills” have priority, dice cards come next

(Use character skill) → Use dice cards → Avatar moves → Action according to arrived block


When you start the game, the first thing that happens is deciding turns by drawing cards. Since the side that starts first has a higher win chance, if you’re going last, you need to use an even dice card to try to get a double. The colors are fixed: you are blue, and the opponent is red. The difference from Everybody’s Marble is that you have to use ‘dice cards’ instead of rolling the dice. You don’t know what the opponent has, but since you need to move further than your opponent to pass the starting point, you should use ‘double dice → jump dice → high number even dice’ in order.


If you can use a character skill, first priority is to use the character skill. You might want to save skills like moving to a specific block, but skills like gaining gold or drawing cards should be used whenever the cooldowns are refreshed. Use a character skill, then use a dice card, and take action on the block you moved to.


▲ The opponent used double dice to build hotels on two blocks and has already completed one lap in their first turn


Use dice cards, “Double dice x2 + Odd dice x1”

Single card: Move as much as the number

Range card: Move randomly within the number range

Double card: Move as much as the number and gain another turn (3 consecutive doubles send you to the uninhabited island)

Jump card: Jump within the number range

Skill card: Dice cards that you gain through character skills


Dice cards are your ‘hand’. If you want to have better cards than the opponent in your hand, you should use characters like Beatrice and Haruna, who create double cards with their skills. Recently, to shake up the opponent’s hands, Edward is used often as well. Edward’s skill changes your cards with your opponents’. The higher you go, it gets difficult to see skill cards (Baedal Choi), and you can gain jump cards with a low probability.


It is most effective to use dice cards in the following order, ‘① Double card ② high-number even card ③ high-number range card’. Usually, you should use double cards twice and play an odd card safely. If you don’t have a double dice card, you should use an even dice card. This is because you get the double effect if you get two of the same numbers.


▲ The reason Beatrice is popular is that it can pick a double card
▲ You can choose the block where you want to go to with a jump card, so you can use it strategically

Win condition 1. “Obtain construction points”

Normal buildings: +1 point

Landmarks: +2 points

Color monopoly: +1 point


▲ The construction cost and toll raises in order of villa, building, and hotel, so it’s best to build a hotel


If you construct on a block, you gain +1 construction point. If you arrive at the block you constructed, you can make a landmark, and you gain +1 more point. So a block you built a landmark on is worth +2 points. If you achieve color monopoly, you gain +1 more point. For example, if you construct landmarks on two blocks of the same color for color monopoly, you gain +5 points (2+2+1).


Blocks with a blackout are deducted from the construction points. If color monopoly is disabled due to the blackout, you lose 1 point. You have to visit the blackout block to get your block back into order, and by doing so, you can recover your construction and color monopoly points.


▲ If you’ve taken over many blocks consistently, there’s a good chance you’ll win by boosting your construction points with Landmarks Everywhere

Win condition 2. “Bankruptcy”


If you arrive at a block the opponent has already taken, you need to pay a tool. If it’s a block with a level 1 structure (villa, building, hotel), you can buy out the block from the opponent with an extra fee. By using fortune cards or character active/passive skills, you can lower or raise the toll.


If you have less marbles than the toll, you get bankrupt. You’ll have to pay by selling structures or getting a loan with gold. If you have a higher chance of winning, it’s better to get a loan, but if the situation isn’t good, you should choose to lose. When you get a loan, you need to pay 2,000 gold (Expert 2 channel), so there isn’t much pressure.


▲ With this block, you can pay 20.88 M marbles as toll, and pay an extra 27.4 M marbles to buy out
▲ You can make an opponent bankrupt with Shu’s marble steal skill

Win condition 3. “Triple monopoly”


The win conditions you need to know for strategic victories are triple monopoly and line monopoly. Each line consists of two colors. The image above is a map of the 7x7 world on the expert channel. If you look at line 1, Taiwan and Korea are light blue, Japan, Thailand, and Australia are pink. If you build and take over the blocks of the same color, you achieve ‘color monopoly’, and gain +1 construction point. In Expert 1 channel and above, if you get three color monopolies in three lines, you win immediately with ‘triple monopoly’.


▲ The map of the lines and corner blocks (starting point, uninhabited island, shop, train travel), CARD is the fortune card block
▲ To get a triple monopoly, you have to get a color monopoly on three different lines! (Expert 1 and above)

Win condition 4. “Line Monopoly”


If you build on all blocks in one line, you win immediately with ‘line monopoly’. Usually, you can use Katrina or Sophie, characters that can move to any block, to aim for a line monopoly win.


▲ If you take over all the blocks of one line, you get a line monopoly win (Pro1 and above)

Special block 1. Starting block “Salary, construct landmarks”

When you pass: Gain salary, charge character skill gauge

When you arrive: The effect for when you pass + construct a landmark on one of your blocks


When you reach the starting block, you gain salary and get a chance to build a landmark remotely, and characters gain +1 skill gauge. You don’t need to stop at the starting block to gain salary — you just need to pass the starting block, and you also gain a skill gauge.


▲ If you don’t have any blocks of your own, you can’t build any landmarks through the starting block

Special block 2. Uninhabited island, “Turn ends, pay fee to escape”

3 consecutive double dice sends you to the uninhabited island

Roll dice: Escape if you roll a double, lose turn if you don’t

Pay escape fee: Pay the escape fee to escape immediately, move 2-12 blocks in random



Players usually get banished to the uninhabited island by rolling three consecutive doubles. When you do, the turn is over. On the next turn, you can escape by paying marbles, and you can roll the dice without using your dice cards to move. If you didn’t pay marbles, you have to escape by rolling the dice. If you don’t get a double, you’re stuck on the uninhabited island, and you have to escape on the next turn.

There are situations where you intentionally go to the uninhabited island. This is when you must move to an opponent block with the cards you have, or when the toll is too expensive and you’re about to go bankrupt. In that situation, going to the uninhabited island is a strategic move to overcome the crisis.


▲ 3 consecutive doubles send you to the uninhabited island
▲ To escape from the uninhabited island, you have to roll a double or pay marbles to escape immediately

Special block 3. Shop “Landmarks Everywhere”

Double dice: Create two random double dice cards

Skyrocketing Real Estate: Double the toll for all of your buildings

Remote Construction: Construct a free building on a block you want

Change the opponent’s dice card: Change the opponent’s dice card to 2-12

Steal building: Steal an opponent building (Except landmarks) (Pro 1 and above)

Landmarks Everywhere: Upgrade all of your buildings into landmarks (Expert 1 and above)


If you land on the shop block, you can purchase a fortune card at an expensive price. You can check the types and prices of the fortune cards that are being sold by clicking the shop block. You can also reduce the purchase price of the fortune cards with character passive skills as well.


There are six types of fortune cards, and four of them are displayed randomly. If one card is sold, another card appears. A card that has already been sold can reappear in the shop. For example, the Landmarks Everywhere card can appear again, even if it was bought. The price of the cards doesn’t rise or drop when it appears a second time.


▲ Click on the shop block to check the card types and prices in advance! (Many people don’t know this!)
▲ If you don’t have enough marbles, you can’t purchase shop cards

Special block 4. Train travel “Move to any block”

Move next turn: Pay a smaller amount and move next turn

Move immediately: Pay more and move immediately


Train travel is a block with a very strong ability — move to any block. You can move to an unoccupied block or an opponent block to buy them out, or you can move to your own block to build a landmark. Since you can move to any block, you should aim for line/triple/color monopoly.


The downfall is that it’s quite costly. There are two choices: one, pay a lot to move to a block you want to immediately, or pay less and move to the block on the next turn. However, when you move to the block, the turn is over. So even if you reached train travel with a double, if you use train travel, you don’t get the extra turn.


▲ Train travel gets more expensive every time you use it, so it’s not good to use more than 3 times.
▲ If you use train travel, you can move to a block that you want

Special block 5. Fortune card “Many different special effects”

Blackout: Free toll on block & deduct construction points

Angel: Free toll / Defend opponent skill attack cards

Discount coupon: 50% discount on toll

Skyrocketing Real Estate: Double toll for all buildings

Landmark upgrade: Free upgrade

Move to Shop block: Chance to buy a shop fortune card!

Build on line 1: Remote construction on line 1

Build on line 2: Remote construction on line 2

Build on line 3: Remote construction on line 3

Build on line 4: Remote construction on line 4

Steal marbles: Steal 20% of opponent’s marbles

Move to starting block: Move to starting block (gain double salary)

Move to train travel: Travel fee 50% discount

Buyout building: Buy out an opponent building


At the end of each line, there is a fortune card block. If you land on the fortune card block, you gain one of 14 cards at random. There are many different effects, such as building buildings, moving to special blocks, toll discounts, defending opponent skills, etc., so you can create variables to shake up the game or turn the game around.


▲ If you click on the fortune card block, you can see the types of cards!


Special block 6. Warp Hole “Move to a normal block within the line”

Teleport to a normal block within the line (Cannot move to a special block)


Warp hole is a special block that only exists in champion channels. If you land on it, you can move to a normal block within the line. You cannot move to a special block like the fortune card or corner blocks. If you use the warp hole, you can make your play more strategic. It’s better to use your dice cards to land on the warp hole.


▲ If you roll 8 to land on the warp hole, you can choose where to move from 5-10

Important points to win 1. “Character active skills”

Active skill usable once before using dice cards

1 skill gauge is charged if you use a dice card or pass the starting point

When gauge is filled up, you can use an active skill

Skill use +1: When upgraded to ★3, ★5, ★6

Decrease needed gauges by 1: When upgraded to ★4


Characters have active skills that they can use during board games. To use active skills, you need to charge the character skill gauges. If you use dice cards or pass the starting point, all characters’ skill gauges are charged by 1. You can use one of the charged skills once before you use a dice card.


There are many different active skills, such as gaining dice cards, moving to special blocks, creating interfering effects on blocks, gaining marbles, upgrading buildings, buying out blocks, etc. Each character has a different number of times they can use the skills and the gauges needed to use the skill. If you upgrade the character, the number of skill uses and needed gauges get enhanced.


▲ If you roll the dice again by rolling a double, you can charge the skill gauges faster
▲ If you upgrade the character, you can use skills faster and more often

Important points to win 2. “Character passive skills”

Increase salary: Salary increased when passing starting block

Increase starting amount: Increase the amount of marbles when game starts

Reduce construction cost: Reduce the cost to construct buildings

Reduce toll: Reduce the toll when arriving on opponent block

Reduce buyout price: Reduce the price when buying out opponent blocks

Reduce speical costs: Reduce the price of using special blocks like shops and train travel


Increase opponent buyout price: Increase the cost for opponent to buy out your block

Increase opponent toll: Increase opponent’s toll when they arrive on your block

Increase loan bonus: Increase the amount you get when getting a loan

Decrease opponent salary: Decrease opponent’s salary when they pass the starting block

Decrease opponent starting amount: Decrease the opponent’s amount of marbles when game starts

Increase opponent construction costs: Increase opponent’s amount to construct buildings

Decrease loan bonus: Decrease opponent marble bonus at loan


Passive skills change depending on the grade. The higher the grade, the higher the passive skill’s grade. There are many different effects, but it’s best to set the passive skills to a specific concept along with the characters and deck type. For example, Shu’s passive skill is stealing opponent’s marbles. Its passive skills should be reduce opponent starting amount, and increase opponent construction costs to pressure the opponent with their budget.


The initial passive skills by character are fixed, but from ★3, you can change them with crystals. There’s a better chance of getting a higher grade passive skill with rarer charcters. Also, if you level up a character with gold, the skill effect is also upgraded.


▲ You need crystals to change the passive skills, and if what you changed isn’t what you want, you can roll it back
▲ The passive skill change probability changes depending on the character’s rarity

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