Streamer Daequan Loco reveals why NRG's Thoom House collapsed

Source: NRG

Popular Twitch streamer Daequan Loco has returned to streaming after an extended absence to explain why the NRG's content house "Thoom House" recently collapsed. The house was founded in mid-2021, but then Thoom House content was mysteriously lacking on Twitch and other online platforms following the influencers moving into the house. According to Daequan's Sunday stream, the house ultimately failed for a surprisingly simple reason: Slow internet.


"We go to this house, and they tell NRG and us that 'the internet is nuts, it's great, it is a smart house'," Daequan said on a stream on Monday. "Long story short, when we get there, it's not that. We did not have fiber at all. I don't know what it was, it was DSL. And so the internet was basically. . . like a bajillion wires, literally, things I haven't seen in 15 years. Like VCR-looking things, I don't know what the hell any of them were, it was like ancient relics in that thing."



Daequan didn't blame NRG for any of the issues, saying that "they were lied to, too" but explaining that you can't build a content house, where people are streaming and uploading videos, without high-quality internet.


"We asked [the owners] about fiber, and they were like 'we can get fiber, but the whole neighborhood has to apply for you to get the internet'," Daequan explained. "I went to upload a video, and it said 256 hours to upload. [...] The whole time was one big long stressful experience for me bro. [...] I couldn't do anything that had to do with the internet, I couldn't even listen to music, it would just buffer."


He also said they considered other alternatives to make the content creation work, like IRL streaming backpacks, but ultimately the internet issues were too much for the NRG house to be an effective place for content creation. Daequan said there were other problems with the mansion as well, such as his shower 'being cold for four months,' an air-conditioner that wouldn't shut off, and issues with the pool, among other issues, saying "for a smart house, that house was dumb as hell."


The NRG Thoom House was announced last year in August, headed by Daequan and NRG Hamlinz. The house project also included NRG Philly, NRG Sin, NRG Yanni, NRG Exie, NRG Meteors, and NRG Ginos. To say they put a lot of eggs in this basket is an understatement. Despite making a huge impression with their initial announcement, the house ultimately project was pulled several months later, for what we now know was apparently the many issues with the house itself.



As for Daequan, he confirmed on stream that he plans to return to regular content creation after being gone for the past few months. The streamer has 4.1 million followers on Twitch, and has been streaming on and off for the last few years, specializing in fast-paced games like Fortnite. He also indicated that he plans to soon move out of LA entirely, to Las Vegas. 

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