Twitch claims passwords & payment info not exposed in security breach

Twitch released an update regarding the massive Twitch platform leak that took place last week, confirming that all passwords and payment information are safe in the wake of the security breach.


"Twitch passwords have not been exposed," the company claimed in a blog post on Friday. "We are also confident that systems that store Twitch login credentials, which are hashed with bcrypt, were not accessed, nor were full credit card numbers or ACH / bank information."


Hashing is a process where plain text passwords are converted into a cache of cryptographic hashes, which are random strings of characters that can are difficult to decrypt by any hackers who are able to steal a cache of passwords. Hashing is a normal means process for most large companies looking to secure password data.


The new information comes after Twitch conducted a thorough review of the files and information exposed during their leak last week. Twitch explained that the leak was caused by an improperly configured server that allowed unauthorized access to the source code repository and creator payout data.


Twitch concluded their newest statement saying, "we take our responsibility to protect your data very seriously. We have taken steps to further secure our service, and we apologize to our community."


Even with Twitch's promises that your password and payment data are safe, it is still a good idea to change your Twitch password if you have not yet, and frequently change all of your passwords to ensure that you remain secure online. 



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