Respawn hints at a future Titanfall 3: "Titanfall is the very core of our DNA"

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment took a break from their ongoing struggle to fix Apex Legends servers to set the record straight on the future possibility of a Titanfall 3. They explained in a Twitter post that Titanfall games are at the core of who they are and are not dead by any means, despite what some outlets reported as the end of Titanfall based on a developers comments on stream earlier this week.


The company said on Twitter, "contrary to what some folks are reporting, Titanfall is the very core of our DNA. Who knows what the future holds..."



Their clarification comes in response to outlets like Dexerto, Gamespot, and others who reported on comments made by developer Jason Garza on a stream on September 20th. In those comments, Garza said not to get your hopes up for Titanfall 3, a much-desired sequel to the wildly successful Titanfall 2. 


Garza stated, "don't get your hopes up. I have said this before, we don't have anything in the works, there is nothing there!"



The comments justifiably sparked rumors of the demise of the Titanfall series that quickly spread across the internet. But it would seem that Respawn doesn't approve of that message from Garza, and offered a little bit of hope that at some point in the future Titanfall 3 could be a reality.

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