Apex Legends servers still down after Respawn claimed to have fixed them... again

Update 2: Respawn says it fixed again, many players are reporting that the issues persist.... Again.


Update: Respawn has confirmed that there are still going connectivity issues, and are investigating... again.


Original Article: Many players are currently unable to log into EA servers to play Apex Legends, following the release of Patch 10.1 on Tuesday. Respawn confirmed they knew about the issue on Tuesday morning, but claimed to have already solved it in the early afternoon. And yet, the author of this article and many others still can't seem to log into Apex Legends, indicating that the issue remains.



Large numbers of players who attempted to log in on Tuesday reported that they can't get into an actual lobby. Instead, they are greeted by the message 'unable to log in to EA servers' then the game has the audacity to blame the player's internet connection, saying 'please check your internet connection, and try again.'


Big names like Nick Mercs and others have called out Respawn for having their servers down for this long a period of time and apparently being in denial about it.



How to solve "unable to connect to EA servers" error

While many players are looking for how to fix the login issue, there doesn't seem to be anything definitive that you can do on the client-side to resolve this problem. That said, some Twitter users have suggested that with repeated attempts it is possible to get into the servers, but this doesn't seem to be a highly effective solution to the problem.



So those who still can't log in now will have to wait for Respawn to fix it for real this time. Hopefully Respawn will stop being in denial about this issue and do something soon.


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