KT Bdd: "I think the most consistent player in mid lane is Chovy."

KT Rolster defeated Kingzone DragonX 2-1 and eased their minds about falling to the relegation/promotion match. Fierce fights went on all over the Rift in the long games, and Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s performance especially shined. After the match, he sat for an interview with Inven Global.

You’re not completely out of the danger of falling to the relegation/promotion match, but you’ve done what you can do on your end. How do you feel?

It was a very long match today, but as much as it was extremely important, I was able to maintain my concentration until the end. I feel good that we got good results. I probably won’t be able to feel comfortable until tomorrow, until the Griffin vs Hanwha Life match, but I’ll be trying to feel good.

Your performance today was amazing. How do you think of your recent performance?

What’s always stressful is when I did worse than my teammates. So I put in a lot of effort. I think that effort is the source of my performance.

I’d like to talk about other mid laners. Are there any mid laners that you’ve been keeping an eye on?

Well… That’s always different depending on which player did well. Rather than keeping an eye on one specific player, I watch the player that did really well that day, such as when Faker played amazing Neeko, or when Chovy or Showmaker’s Akali did well. I watch them and practice.

When you were an amateur, which mid laner did you study the most?

When I was a practice member, I watched a lot of replays. I remember watching Faker’s laning phase often and practicing.

Besides you, who would you pick as the top 5 mid laners in the LCK?

I think the most consistent player in mid lane is Chovy, then Showmaker. Actually, I think the players' ranks follow the standings. Especially for mid lane. It’s kind of sad that I’m 9th though.

Not considering that KT is placed 9th, if you would put yourself in the ranking, at what rank do you think you’re at? Forget about 9th.

(Laughs) That’s hard. But I think I can be about 5th. Since there are many regrets, I’ll just put myself around the middle. I always have enough confidence to be a player that’s worthy of getting to playoffs.

Are there any mid laners in foreign leagues that you’re keeping an eye on?

I’ve always thought that Rookie is really good. And LEC’s Caps, but since I haven’t been able to watch a lot of LEC or LCS, I’d say Rookie for now.

Were you conscious of Score’s retirement while playing today’s match?

We didn’t do anything special. We cheered a lot for Hanwha Life’s opponents, but that didn’t go well. Our future seemed dark. We still promised to win today’s match with each other. We will have a farewell party though. Score has been with KT for such a long time.

Who is Score to Bdd?

A person that I can rely on. I can rely on him in-game as well. He takes care of other people’s morale a lot; very trustworthy. It’s really regretful… But it’s not that I’m not seeing him ever again, we can meet up, so I hope he does well.

Lastly, a word to the fans and teammates?

Even if our results are bad, I’m very thankful for cheering for us till the end. It may not be the end, but I’d like to say that they did a good job to my teammates.

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