Gen.G CoreJJ on Amumu: "I thought, ‘Why does that champion only appear against us?’. He was actually stronger than I expected. It wasn’t easy."

On the 7th of August (KST), Gen.G Esports finished their last match for the 2018 LCK Summer split with a 2:0 victory against MVP. Adding their win from yesterday, they now have a chance to advance to the postseason in 1st place. After the match against MVP, we had the chance to meet Gen.G’s support CoreJJ.


The following is our interview with CoreJJ.


The team finished their last match for the split 2:0. How do you feel?

Well, I do feel relieved, but I do remember some frustrating moments as well. Although we are currently in 1st place, it is still frustrating that we need the other teams’ help [in order to secure 1st place].


How was this Summer split?

This split was really intense; the schedule itself was tough. All the other teams probably had a difficult time in this split as well. Now that the Summer split is coming to an end, I think that all the pro gamers and coaching staff did put in a lot of effort.


In game 1, you received another MVP award with your Tahm Kench. How would you rate your Tahm Kench?

I think I didn’t do a lot in game 1. The game just worked out. I really like it when the game goes easy like it did in game 1.


What were your thoughts when the opponent picked Amumu in game 2? I remember that MVP picked Amumu once last year against Gen.G (formally Samsung Galaxy).

I thought, ‘Why does that champion only appear against us?’. He was actually stronger than I expected. It wasn’t easy.


In your live stream, you seem to play duos with other teams’ bottom laners. Is there a specific bottom laner that you play well with?

These days I go duo with a lot of bottom laners. Sangyoon, Bang, and Ghost played really well, so I hope that they’ll do well in their remaining matches. (laughs)


You must have something to learn from playing duo ranked as well.

Yeah. I can learn a lot since each and every bottom laner has a different style. That’s why I prefer playing duos with other teams’ bottom laners. (Q. Still...Ruler is the best right?) Yeah. He is. (laughs)


On your social media account, you seemed to be promoting your Rakan skin in an interesting and entertaining way. Can you say something about your skin?

Well, I can’t say I’m showing off but...When I do solo queues, there are players that don’t use skins when playing Rakan. However, if they do use one, they usually use my Rakan skin. I think that my version is the best looking Rakan skin so far. (laughs)


Although the final standings will be confirmed after the last match, can you say something on the team’s finals or postseason matches?

Currently, I do not know when we’ll perform our next match, but I’d like to play as late as possible. Where we’ll start off doesn’t matter; I just want the team to finish high. Thank you.

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