Upset states he will be staying with Fnatic despite teammate drama

Source: Riot Game and Getty Images


In a tweet on Elias "Upset" Lipp's Twitter account, the AD carry player has released another statement regarding the criticism weighed by former teammate Adam "Adam" Maanane.


Though the post doesn't reveal any more information than his previous response on Nov. 24 (and is mostly a more concise and polished version of his initial statement), the most notable reveal was that Upset intends to stay with Fnatic for the 2022 LEC season.



In the statement, Upset expressed disgust for the treatment some League of Legends fans have shown towards him and his wife, expressing appreciation for fans of his that have stuck by him. He revealed that in addition to revealing the matter to Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi, he also shared the details with Fnatic's General Manager Javier "Dardo" Zafra.


The news conflicts against Adam's initial accusation that "even the management of Fnatic still doesn't know." In a statement on Dardo's Twitter, the manager expressed support for Upset: "It has been sad to see people speculating over someone who hast o through such a difficult experience. His privacy should be respected and we as an organization will continue to protect it."


After reiterating his point that the matter of his quick departure from the team at Worlds was kept private due to their emotional nature,  he stated his current plans for the competition.


Said Upset: "Looking ahead, I am incredibly proud to still be with Fnatic and excited to see us grow even further in 2022. I will be taking a short break, and I'm looking forward to returning refreshed and energized to a new team with big ambitions."


The reponse comes after Adam's initial words shared on the issues Fnatic faced and his criticisms toward Upset. In a Twitlonger, Adam not only expressed his feeling that Upset's sudden departure negatively affected the mental state of Fnatic at Worlds, but that Upset tried to replace him during the offseason. Upset's new statement on the matter does nothing to clarify or reiterate his inital reponse to this claim. 

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