Anaelic Cosplay -- Evelynn Pop Stars to All Transformation via Secret Lab!


Inven Global and Secret Lab partnered with Scotland based Cosplayer Anaelic to create the mesmerizing Instant Cosplay transformation between two Pop Stars Evelynn and All Out Evelynn! After, we had time to ask Anaelic a few questions about her cosplay passion and craft.

1. What inspired you to first start cosplaying and what keeps motivating you to produce such high-quality builds?

Initially, it was just a love for my favourite characters from anime/video games. At the time, the quality of cosplays available to buy online wasn't great so I learnt to make my own, and since then I've fallen in love with the creation process. I love the challenge of finding a design I love then breaking it down and figuring out different ways to make it in real life.

There's such a great community for fellow cosplay crafters and I love sharing that knowledge with other cosplayers!


2. What was the most difficult challenge of this K/DA cosplay?

For my original K/DA POP/STARS design, it was definitely the tails. I had to figure out a way to make them stand up on their own, which I ended up doing using a combination of strong aluminium wire and a fishing line. I haven't got round to making tails for the All Out version yet but I'm looking forward to doing that using Kinpatsu's own tutorial!


3. What are your first impressions of Secret labs K/DA chairs? Any details that stand out?

I've never got to experience a proper gaming chair before, and it just makes my experience so much better! I love all the holographic details especially, and they matched my K/DA All Out cosplay perfectly.

Find Secret Lab: K/DA Special edition chairs here

 4. What advice might you have for someone who wants to get started with cosplay?

If you plan on making it yourself, then starting off small and simple is definitely the way to go! It makes things a lot easier further down the line if you work on perfecting basic skills first, then you can build a good foundation for moving onto more advanced projects. Watching/reading as many tutorials as possible is a great idea too, as you'll pick up so much knowledge and you never know when it'll come in handy.

Overall though, just pick a character you love and you'll have way more motivation to finish the cosplay!


5. Where can Inven Global readers follow you and locate more of your content?

My primary platform is Instagram, but all my social links are as follows:





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